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  1. Still awake so "They Live" is next. Features another JC regular George "Buck" Flower.
  2. Did a John Carpenter "Double Feature" tonight. Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape from New York. Superb electronica from JC in both soundtracks, and other shared features are Charles Cyphers (who appeared in several JC movies) and Frank Doubleday, who played "White Warlock" in AOP13 (he shoots the little girl) and the effeminate spiky haired sidekick in EFNY. Regarding the girl in AOP13, this is her current pic on IMDB.
  3. No, sorry. I just did a Google search for "ariel shot of old Celtic Park:".
  4. There was a railway line ran behind what is now the Jock Stein Stand, crossed London Road and ran down to Dalmarnock where there are still remains. It was still there until at least the early-mid 80s.
  5. Famous Three Kings ETA...the address 171 North End Rd, London W14 9AE. Right beside West Kensington Underground (District (Green) line).
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