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  1. It's morphed so far from what it was intended at setup though. The NB group brought (and still brings) plenty of atmosphere, colour, imagination to the club. The issue is that they are very quick on social media to dissociate themselves from the 'Ultras Paisley' group as the folk who do the NB aren't into the violent nonsense and are all about creating atmosphere...but although they distance themselves from them on social media, they are still welcomed in among them on match days and people the ultimately view them as one and the same. NB existed from 2016-2021 without any serious eyebrows being raised about their motives or involvement in the casuals side of things apart from the cringy as f**k blurring of their photos on social media but in the last two years post pandemic it's been a regular occurrence to at least see some sort of skirmish post match.
  2. In short terms, people should be scared to leave the house because of young people of ethnicity inciting violence on any and everyone. A complete brainworms moment.
  3. 100% one wee daft coked up guy is not an issue for anyone to deal with. They are aware of safety in numbers and pack mentality though. They hang about in a crowd of 20-30 and will do shite, snide bullying stuff to individuals or pairs as we've heard and seen a few times this season already. It will get to a stage they'll pick on the wrong person or people and one or two will get picked off in an incident and will end up on the end of a serious doing for their shite.
  4. It was an absolutely wild take. I've always known the boy was a dribbling simpleton but FFS.
  5. Watch our for those sneaky Renfrewshire Council b*****ds who fire out traffic wardens around the ground for a few hours every other Saturday to boost their grubby coffers.
  6. Mandron is a better centre forward than Ayunga. Mandron has led the line well of late and almost all of our wins this season have came with him in the lineup.
  7. It took me a second but yeah. Its probably the worst taken penalty I've seen since that Jackson 'effort'.
  8. It didn't look that way. He took the ball off Jamieson who certainly didn't look happy at not getting the nod.
  9. That makes me so much more comfortable. No honestly, it does.
  10. I thought Elvis was poor in second half yesterday personally.
  11. The thing is, and the highlights will attest...we didn't actually play poorly. Livi had two clear cut chances, one of which they scored and the other that was a sclaffed pass from Hemming who was in a hurry to move things on. We just had one of those days where it didn't matter what we threw towards goal, we just weren't destined to score. If it had finished 3 or 4-1 there wouldn't have been many in the ground who didn't think we were good for the goals. A missed penalty, a rounded keeper then chance headed off the line and two absolute sitters somehow prodded wide at the far post. I understand frustration and anger, I was scunnered like everyone else at FT but having a go at a team who have been playing well but badly misfired today doesn't fix anything. There is no adjustment in the team's application or attitude required which is why its a strange thing for the guy to round on.
  12. I was other side of the stand and from the angle I was at, I could see Gogic hauling him back. He looked a lot closer to the crowd from my angle to be fair and it did look like he was pulled our of a fracas but that wasn't the case as I see. From about 20 seconds in the video below was what I saw it from at the game. Very animated. The boy absolutely shites himself though, didn't enjoy having such one on one time with Robinson after apparently offering up a very vocal opinion on 'lack of heart'.
  13. Killie are a good side. As are yourselves. Definitely think the top six just now will be how it looks after 33 and it should be a good three way shootout for 4th-6th.
  14. I had to move at HT, some old guy directly behind me who did nothing but abuse players from 30 seconds in. He was almost giddy at the goal for having been proven correct. I had to shift as I was on verge of having words.
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