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  1. Jeely piece and holding the Queen's hand as you guide her to the afterlife.
  2. Laughable to think that this will work or have a positive impact. Look at the price increases on junk food across the board in the last 4 or so years. Everything from fizzy drinks to McDonalds to a bag of chips. Is this price increase deterring people? Nope, if anything, these places are busier than ever. It's the laziest way to try and solve a problem. If there's no fizzy drinks included in a meal deal, does anyone from the Govt genuinely believe that it will act as a deterrent to stop folk buying a can of Irn Bru or Coke rather than just paying the extra 60p or so to drink exactly what they want with their meal deal? It hasn't worked on alcohol so they decide to not only double down on that but put an exclamation mark on it too by trying to ban even more stuff. It's quite staggering how badly the government have made an arse of it up here from the position of almost unparalleled goodwill that they came into power with and kept for such a long time.
  3. I'm sure Stevie Clarke will get the best out of them next season!!
  4. You are genuinely the most bi-polar poster on this site when it comes to predictions.
  5. Pretty much a perfect set of results. The objective is clear now. Win on Saturday and it's highly unlikely we'll be caught before the split. Something also has to give on Saturday too with the two sides on either side of us playing one another.
  6. How did it go again when we got beat off Livi? Oh yes. HA HA HA, HO HO HO!
  7. The issue is that when he starts left, he always eventually drifts into the middle and that forces his centre forward (previously Ayunga) out wide.
  8. At the end of the day, they explained that the penalty for handball wasn't given as they weren't looking for a handball, only the shirt pull. However - that simply doesn't wash as an excuse. It's not an acceptable excuse to say 'oopsie, we missed it....sowwy'. We suffered a few poor ones at the start of the season that were waved away with 'well it's inconclusive, what can you do, the angles weren't there' so to have the angles clearly there and them to have nowhere to hide so admit stupidity is not really consolation nor reassuring. We're told that officials in Scotland are highly qualified and highly trained. VAR was put in place to catch 'clear and obvious' misses and last night was as clear and obvious as they come. There have been several - dozens - of incidents where an official is quite happy to take all the time required with lengthy checks before coming to a decision so the rush job of this particular decision, less than 20 seconds and missing a glaring error is baffling. What was the time constraint there in stopping and having a proper look rather than what amounted no doubt to a cursory glance? Every club in Scotland has been on the wrong end of what feels like a laundry list of these decisions and every club in Scotland pays through the nose to keep a system in place that in effect is not bad but is run by utter incompetents. It's about time that clubs actually banded together and outright refuse the process of the VAR money being deducted from end of season prize money. Collectively, clubs are being shafted here and it's all fun and games pointing and laughing when a team you don't like gets a shoddy one against them but in reality, we're all losers here as every one of our teams get a raw deal from it and pay for that privilege. I'd be quite happy to see St. Mirren taking a stand here and publicly refusing to continue to pay a high premium for a service that is completely shoddy.
  9. Absolutely pish. We should have won it though. Scott's miss right after 1-1 is truly a howler.
  10. Makes it even more inexplicable then. That's one of the worst errors I've seen involving us. We were also denied a stonewaller at Dingwall earlier in the season as well where the County defender booted thin air that happened to contain Conor McMenamin.
  11. How is that not a penalty? Hand above his head and clearly fuckinng hit it.
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