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  1. My wife's surgery went well and all going well she will be home soon.
  2. McCracken should have took one for the team and taken the ICT player out
  3. Dylan Tait signs a 2 year deal with Falkirk.
  4. After 8 days in hospital and 2 cancelled operations my wife is away down for surgery.
  5. Any new faces that you cannot share with us?
  6. I had a rather frank discussion with a bar man in Lanzarote when he heard i was Scottish,he said Rangers or Celtic i said none i hate them both,He said as i was Scottish i had support one of them,I went fine you are Spanish Real or Barca.His face was shut.
  7. He is actually a decent player but just lightweight,will do well.
  8. My wife is in hospital and i have had to use 2 days holiday and 3 days unpaid dependance leave to look after the kids,i offered to come in after i drop the wee one off at 9pm but then i had to be home by 3pm to pick her so so they said no point.
  9. My wife has been in hospital since thursday,due to get an operation today but it was cancelled and will now have to wait till friday.
  10. Funny enough I am sitting at my wife's hospital bed just now.
  11. Made a big difference when he came on in games direct and created chances.
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