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  1. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-boss-john-mcglynn-reveals-contract-extensions-for-two-players-imminent-4530032
  2. The eyes emoji is used when you're making a new signing or announcing a contract extension. Could have been worded better to stop the majority from thinking it was a Yeats contract extension hint.
  3. He thinks it counts as an assist if he sets the opposition up.
  4. That's the second time the twitter admin's scummed us with a random tweet we all thought meant a signing. GET THE MAN SIGNED UP.
  5. Spencer was my man of the match, the way he dictates a game is just majestic to watch. Thought Ross had bright sparks in the game and got himself into good positions but still want more from him. Shanley should have got himself at least a goal, had a good little lay off at the start of the build up to the first goal. His movement had him in a few times just needed a better touch like the one Spencer clipped over the top for him in the second half. Tasty finish from Oliver and an even tastier nutmeg earlier in the game.
  6. Easiest game we've had against Montrose in a long time. Could have been 10-0.
  7. Absolutely loves trying a worldie of a long ball with it going to a Falkirk shirt 1% of the time.
  8. Bring back Willy Stroker, Accies got cummed on.
  9. Hogarth Yeats Donaldson Lang Mccann Tait Spencer Morrison Nesbitt Ross Shanley
  10. McGlynn's monogamous to the 4-2-3-1 we won't see that change. I'd imagine his pre contracts might be a bit better than Brad Mckay and Stevie Hetherington though. Oliver's versatility has been useful but our signings over the summer need to be better quality than him.
  11. They were very complimentary about Keelan Adams the other week talking about him running non stop against Ferry's East Kilbride team. Should be a good listen.
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