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  1. I'm already a member but somehow not on the map
  2. Not really. Absolutely brutal game of “football”.
  3. Think we should make 5 changes at halftime
  4. What. the. absolute. f$%k. Can only hope there won't be that kind of massive personnel and formation change again.
  5. There is no way that was a penalty - but something had to give, twice off the bar etc. Flip me.
  6. Working fine. https://falkirktv.uk/live/2023-2024/Edinburgh+City_Falkirk_2109
  7. I always wonder if it couldn’t just be plain old terracing? Not sure what the rules are on that these days. It might be cheaper to build?
  8. It's been great to have the podcast, maybe even more so for folk like me who live abroad and don't get many chances to chat about the games. Appreciate it! (especially when we are winning!).
  9. I also seem to remember "mistletoe and wine" was changed to "lager and lime" haha.
  10. Time for an update to the villain? Paul Hartley scans pretty well.
  11. Aye not always but work today. Looking forward to watching the whole thing with a dram this evening!
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