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  1. It's looking good. Unbeaten in the league, 17 points ahead, 15 goals lost, 11 games to go but we ain't over the line. Would take a collapse that would put the support on therapy for years for us not to go up. But as the old Falkirk Motto through bitter experience says 'Expect the unexpected, follow the Falkirk Bairns' So lets get championship won by staying lean and mean.
  2. The McArthur and McCarthy transfers and add-ons kept them going for years
  3. St Mirren fans would be the ones to answer. Of all the Glasgow / West coast sides mines Partick Thistle. On reflection train through to Glasgow for agood day and evening out - good local pubs - good crack with their supporters and in all my years not one bit of bother.
  4. Talking of Hamilton they have got a must win tomorrow or risk a collapse. Do they have the bottle?
  5. Well done FFC What a lift for the rest of the season
  6. It's putting in place a solid spine of a side and something that has been lacking and pointed out often enough. That can only be good for the new players integrating themselves into the squad. Lets hope it is a nice problem upgrading to cope with promotion.
  7. Exactly! there is a 1/3rd of the season to go and have 60 odd years of witnessing Falkirk collapses. We are in a good place - nearly there and for the want of waiting a further 6 - 8 games then the bumming and piss takes will be all the more enjoyable.
  8. Promoted or not, should we sign Scott Arfield? or would funds be better spent elsewhere. It would be great if Scott was to end his career where it all started, but we can't afford to be sentimental. Where would he fit in the team? Potential coaching position? It's a hard call but what experience and contacts he could bring to the club.
  9. Ultra's most likely the Grand children of the 'Falkirk Choir' from the Brockville days with a sprinkling of the seed of the groin and womb from the 'Houstie Hard Core'
  10. The hard bit is the judgement if the top performers of the previous season can cut it in the higher league over a season. Get that wrong then crucial positional shortcomings cripple the season . Bomber Brown and John Hay were an impressive centre back pairing in the 70's but just did not cut it in a higher league. Think people will be surprised at who is moved on. It will be interesting but in the end it will be a nice problem as it's rejigging a promoted side. Here's hoping
  11. That is a situation where you have team instructions to nullify that weakness. Double bank, press to cut out that killer pass. McCann has far more positives than negatives and I hope he stays.
  12. When they were flaring, you did not have to put your lights on at night in Polmont.
  13. Like Airdrie in the 70's now they were bordering on psychopaths
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