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  1. Oliver has definitely contributed this season, but McGlynn will need to look at whether players are going to be good enough week in week out in the championship rather than against Montrose reserves. The fact Oliver hasn’t been able to hold down a starting 11 spot in league 1 says to me we will need better quality to challenge at the top of the championship.
  2. Very comfortable win in the end. Looked like Montrose had their focus on another game. Mackie and Ross did ok. Thought Shanley struggled to really influence the game.
  3. Not much point in having a squad if you can’t use it with 2 games in a week. It’s barely wholesale changes and it gives the players who’ve come in a chance to get game time.
  4. Agyeman hasn’t been as consistent as hoped since the start of the season but I don’t think I’d be looking to move him on. I will say he has done a lot more in a Falkirk shirt so far than Ethan Ross, who some want us to offer a contract.
  5. For me the likes of Oliver will need to be moved on if we are to challenge at the top end of the championship. He is a bench player at best at this level, not good enough for the championship.
  6. I get the impression Tait has been brought in with a view to staying next season. Shanley has done ok in his limited opportunities so far. Maybe a harsh but I think we’ll need a higher standard of striker next season. Ross is an interesting one. Decent championship player on paper but hasn’t done much in a Falkirk shirt this season.
  7. You would have criticised the signing of Maciver under previous regimes. He had a very average record prior to joining us but has done well in the system McGlynn plays. Will he be the answer as a starting lone striker in the championship? Personally I’m not sure, but well done to the lad for what he’s done this season.
  8. We have a decent number of players out of contract or with loans ending who I’d be moving on- Hogarth, Long, Bisland, McKay, Mackie, McGinn, Oliver, Lawal and Shanley. If John can get better quality in to replace these, some of the current starting 11 will end up on the bench over time imo.
  9. Been said already but a fantastic attendance yesterday (the number given of just under 5500 bairns still doesn’t quite add up for me given there were less than 150 tickets left at 2pm). Won’t be possible for everyone, but if we could even get 5000 of those attending regularly, it would make a big difference to the atmosphere and budget. A big part of that imo will be building on the positive momentum on and off the pitch this season. Not expecting a title challenge necessarily but there will need to be an element of speculating to accumulate for me.
  10. Fantastic result and day overall yesterday. It has been a long 5 years in coming, but it finally looks like we are getting out of here. Great performance first 30 minutes and looked like we would get another couple. Hamilton then came back into it and we made things hard for ourselves second half. However, we showed great battling spirit to hold on for the three points. Attention will soon turn to next season (in my view, we will need better quality in a number of positions to challenge at the top end as John has stated). But let’s get it wrapped up officially first.
  11. I see the club have just announced 5171 Falkirk tickets sold. That doesn’t add up to me given the tickets available- can’t imagine only 71 have been sold since yesterday’s update.
  12. I would think even if the main did sell out, any plan to segregate the north would need to have been planned well in advance. It hasn’t been done for 15+ years so there would need to be logistics in place that can’t be put in place on the morning of the game.
  13. Difficult one for me. There are still around 300 tickets left, so the majority of fans who want a ticket should get one. Not sure it would be financially viable splitting the north with all the security costs that would entail for maybe less than 100 bairns.
  14. Looks like approx 250 tickets now gone on sale in block H lower, with a handful of tickets left in the other sections. Shouldn’t be far off a sell out in the home end.
  15. I think in theory that could happen but Jamie Swinney has confirmed on Twitter that it won’t due to the recent crowd trouble. I actually can’t ever remember the north stand being segregated (unless I’m forgetting) as the need has never arisen- we have always maxed out at around the 6000 home fan mark for previous big matches at TFS.
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