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  1. I hope we slip up and have to win against Cove.
  2. Right, I’m calling it. Short of Mad Vlad nuking Grangemouth before May, it’s ours. Bring on the Fifers* *not the grotty b*****ds who name themselves after the Jamboes. Hope we don’t have to return there outside cup games.
  3. Of the current first XI, we only need to get Yeats and a keeper. I can only guess plenty will be sniffing around Yeats. I still like Hogarth too - we’ve shipped a total of 15 league goals this season so I don’t want to be too harsh because of a couple of errors. What a position to be in though. Here’s us in February sucking our teeth over current bench players on loan from clubs at a higher level, players who do look very good. I like all three, FWIW, and see value in keeping the dressing room together. But the management team have shown how clear-eyed they can be.
  4. Yep, and it didn’t happen by accident. A whole club and support effort. And we need to persist. The plan has to be not to allow it to peter out. There’ll obvs be a time when we’ll stop going up the way, at least for a bit, but that doesn’t mean we chuck everything out, just that we keep making our club better and adjust where we must. For now though, I think we just enjoy it.
  5. F'cking EVERYONE join FSS now to pay for all this!
  6. Jeez that brings me out in hives. We almost went bust because of that misadventure and much of what happened since can be traced back to then.
  7. Has to be Cove. That’d be the very definition of serendipity. Hartley’s reign might only have been one of several failures over that period but it was the most dramatic, linked as it was to the academy closure, Brentford model and relegation. His demeanor doesn’t help so hopefully doing it like this would put him behind us once snd for all.
  8. This has been true in several games this season, yet we’re the country’s top scorers by a fair chalk. Says a lot for this team.
  9. It’s almost a bigger deal because it’s League One. The club was fk’d, an inch away from dying never mind having to go part time, like the last time we were in the third tier. That we’re turning it round is a huge achievement from all the Falkirk family. Get this done, then onto the next phase.
  10. Is that the first Falkirk goal ever scored by a Brazilian?
  11. That was schmeeezy eeezy. Montrose looked knackered.
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