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  1. Immediate gut reaction is that it’s boggin. Maybe it’ll grow on me…
  2. It was established in a supporters group meeting not that long ago that the Edwards transfer money would be put towards the squad
  3. Deserves his move, been a really important player for us. Barely ever injured, occasionally frustrating to watch but always a threat and, given it's been 182 appearances, pretty solid for the most part. Cheers Josh. Now, use that cash and get this squad bolstered.
  4. Genuinely class finish after a full game of stinkers. Somewhat relieved
  5. I want whatever anyone saying "Gibraltar aren't that bad" is smoking.
  6. Our finishing has been a disgrace. Absolutely 0 composure in front of goal. Miss any one of those chances in a game at the Euros and it costs you big time. Fear.
  7. Would be delighted if we could get Kane on a permanent deal. I'll hold that excitement in until I see a big pen gif though...
  8. Championship players just voted him into the PFA Team of the Year. Lol.
  9. I agree, he's got a bad moment in him for sure but he's also made some big saves that have saved us crucial points. Most of his worst moments have come at times when our defence was decimated with injury, and aerially (particularly at set pieces) he does make me nervous, but when his confidence is up he's a decent shot stopper, and his penalty record has been frankly excellent. I wouldn't sniff at looking or getting a better option, but not at the expense of improving the depth and quality of our attack and midfield. That should 100% take precedent.
  10. Great result. Mehmet with 3 penalty saves in a row now as well. Onwards and upwards
  11. tbf, these are friendlies and the important thing is giving people minutes. I'd expect similar against NI regardless of what the scoreline is. However, the subs in general have not gone well...
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