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  1. Doesn't matter which way you swing it, we are an absolute mess right now and the football is absolutely horrific to watch. Squad is a real concern, and even with our limitations we are playing a game that gets the best out of absolutely no one. Quite worried. Don't much like having to rely on top quality loans but it's looking like needs must.
  2. Seen a couple people rumour that it's 1 month but club as far as I can see in the announcement they have only stated that it's short term. Either way it seems likely that the young lads just been signed so that if worst comes to worst we aren't playing Hammy in goals.
  3. Did I miss something RE Kane? Didn’t realise he was back out. Decent starting 11 regardless
  4. I fully expect the younger lads to get involved today, but imo shouldn't be chucking them into a starting line-up when it's not immediately necessary. Ultimately as AuldReekie said, don't want to put too much pressure on too early. Ideally, we could get ourselves into a more comfortable position a bit earlier than we did against The Spartans and give them some more minutes than previous... feels like that's tempting fate a bit though. The most important thing is the win. With the improved prize pool in the comp as well it'd be really good to get a spot in the knockouts. As I recall the club mentioned a desire to do this in one of the recent fan meetings so a good "professional performance" would go down nicely.
  5. Had to go away for a bit, seen away top's now been taken off the shop. Managed to get it into basket but ultimately haven't been able to get one. I hope they restock fairly soon otherwise I'll be pretty annoyed.
  6. Website seems to be completely down for me. I assume it's seeing a large amount of traffic atm
  7. Belter of a kit, and streets ahead of our home venture. What a difference it makes when the colours don’t clash horribly. Seems like there should be a lesson in that…
  8. Anyone watching the St Mirren game know the nature of Hamilton’s injury?
  9. McCann is 100% a confidence player. Even in the League One season you could see once he got going in the latter quarter he was getting goal involvements basically every game. I also don't think we play him to his strengths at all though. I could absolutely see him moving away and finding a club that gets a lot more out of him than we managed last season. Obviously not to Rangers for 750K ofc... I'd give a lot to see him prove the doubters wrong this season though. He'll get more chances for sure so here's hoping there's good things to come.
  10. Great signing. Happy to see we've put a bit of content out for it as well. It's not world-beating stuff but a lot have spoken about how our peers have left us behind a bit on social media, nice to see us try something out.
  11. Immediate gut reaction is that it’s boggin. Maybe it’ll grow on me…
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