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  1. With respect Turkeys don’t vote for Xmas. The Mids & Wells would talk the job. At the end of the day which of the bottom four/five clubs are going to seriously give anyone from the championship any support ? And go against the arse cheeks - not a hope in hell. The recent posting of the distribution of prize money confirms not one club is going to say boo until the two arse cheeks leave the Scottish leagues.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. After the brilliant past few weeks, looks like the club will need to find another option of funding.
  3. This vote is only going one way. If we want top flight football within two seasons, a grass pitch will be required.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/c4nnlrjzek9o
  5. The Dundee that got fined (200k) for the state of pitch/cancellations. You can’t make it up with this lot.
  6. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/12715907/spfl-clubs-bring-forward-vote-ban-plastic-pitches/
  7. There’s a few if and buts, but only Ayr. Dunfermline. Morton. Partick. QueensP. would have grass and qualify for entrance. (ICT if they come straight up). Falkirk. Raith. Hamilton. Cove. Alloa. All plastic. Interesting that Hamilton are going to revert to grass.
  8. Of course it will pass. Said weeks ago about the seriousness of banning plastic. Kilmarnock would have been a sticking plaster, shock & out the blue and after spending close to 1 million on a new plastic surface, the plastic is being ripped up. They’ve obviously had the nod and leaves it clear that next seasons top league have no plastic (Killie pending) Fckn stinking from top to bottom and with Livi out the way, mob rules once again.
  9. Announced on STV news and a few others in last five minutes. Also notice it’s a 9-3 vote. What happened to the 11-1 ?
  10. I actually fancy RR over the two legs. Think we’re in for a cracker of a season, and if RR don’t get up, every side maybe apart from one or two will fancy their chances.
  11. Nothing would surprise me about this lot, wonder if there’s a sudden change of rules for gaining entry to the promised land, if RR beat RC, that stops them getting up.
  12. A manager who knew the division was key to us. McGlynn had the disadvantage of using players that were signed by others that used a significant amount of budget that restricted who he could bring in. Wasn’t until last season he was able to bring in his “own” and a credible spine of a team was added. The rest is history. Two big issues for you guys is how Arbroath & ICT react. Arbroath are the experts in signing most of the best PT players. ICT - publicly known financial woes, however may have one lapse gasp go at keeping the squad. However they didn’t look that clever of the past two games. It looks a great league and hope you do well, one place a load of fans enjoy going to. One thing for sure is that many teams will miss the blue pound.
  13. Rankin in any other year would have been top. We were simply sensational that we didn’t lose a game and only had single digit draws. Arguably if we hadn’t lost our three key guys for the last three games, these draws most likely, would’ve been wins. Still think with a couple of rabbits out a hat (McGlynn style) we won’t be that far off. Nothing I’ve seen so far has me biting my fingernails.
  14. Think it’s been covered, but the how poor has the ICT/HA been. The football has been so poor. Shite football, shite stadium, and lastly shite fans for turning out in such small numbers for an important game. ICT I suspect are in the financial mire.
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