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  1. That got a giggle from me. I'd put Sandi Toksvig in that category too. In no order: Ben Elton Frank Skinner and his idiot side-kick Baddiel Stephen Fry Harry Hill Monty Python
  2. Saw this thread to late to join in but still enjoyed it. Thanks @Chris Partlow for doing this.
  3. Listening to quite a few podcasts at the moment. Falkirk Daft is good for keeping me abreast of most things Falkirk FC. I reckon most on here will like their teams podcasts more than others.. Used to like Open Goal, but think I'm too old for their 'banter' now. Si Ferry Meets led me to that. Those interviews were often really good. Getting Sacked in the Morning has its moments. Undr the Cosh is really good. They concentrate on lower English League guests and you get a few Scottish lads turning up on it. Four, Fore two (with John McGinlay) is good at times. They do a wee game of golf and then an interview afterwards. I liked the one with big Mixu, on Burntisland golf course. Just getting into The Rest is Football. Will see how it goes.... Although not solely football related, High Performance podcast has had footballers/ managers on it. The Eddie Howe one was really good, You get an understanding on what drives the man, and can see why Celtic was not the correct fit for him.
  4. Looks like the Queens players responeded positively to Marv's last post match interview...
  5. . Thoroughly outclassed. In with a chance now that Macguire is coming on. That said, our strikers aint got it in them to make him look bad
  6. This tune reminds me of the '98 semi. The Ibrox DJ played this after the final whistle, after what was indeed a 'bitter sweet symphony'. Everytime I hear it I think of the wee man's performance on that day.
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