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  1. Never said he wasn’t free to talk to who he wanted. Just meant from a personal point of view don’t like stories like this popping up before a big game. As I said he goes with my good wishes.
  2. Aye he’ll go with mine as well. I wasn’t counting on him staying tbh like yourself a bit suprised by the destination - suppose he might look at it like - chance to win regular league titles & cups, probably double his wage and the odd CL game.
  3. According to the Belfast Telegraph (no sure how reliable that paper is), CM7 was over there last week. Looks like he’s off to linfield at the end of the season. Not great timing for this coming out. Hopefully (he is as committed til then as he’s always been - I’m sure he will be.)
  4. Mate only sign up when it’s right for you. The things you pointed out were correct - economy in the toilet, cost of living is a sh1t show and you are putting money in. Don’t feel shamed at all. If you do sign up - superb, another voice to strengthen the collective. Top man!
  5. I don’t think anyone is trying to shame anyone into signing up. As I said in an earlier post, we all contribute in some form whether it be tickets, merchandise, hospitality, FSS or all of the above. However it is factually correct to say that there are people who can afford to but just choose not to sign up. That’s their choice. It’s not unfair to say - that FSS members on all levels of the income scale also buy strips, season tickets, etc etc. We were asked before the FSS was set up if fan ownership was what we wanted - the vast majority responded yes. With fan ownership comes the need for fan funding. The FSS has never pressured anyone into signing up, has always understood financial constraints and even understands those who fundamentally disagree with fan ownership. Like ShaggerG says hopefully your finances become a bit easier soon and as I say you are already contributing so there is no shame to be had.
  6. Like others, not taking this game for granted at all. Accies will be looking for a reaction - it’s upto us to go full pelt from kick off and make sure they don’t get it.
  7. Ticket prices went up this season with the club freezing prices next season. we need to get our house in order first before any additional stand is thought about imo. For me it’s on the wish list but not a priority.
  8. The FSS has never derided anyone for not signing up. They have openly stated they understand financial constraints and that fans put in money in other forms. We all want the same - a healthy, well run club. We all contribute in some form whether it’s FSS, tickets, merchandise etc etc Can we drop this now
  9. As has been communicated on here multiple times and on the latest FSS newsletter - they are looking at various mechanisms to protect their share holding in the event of a share issue. This is a large chunk of work being undertaken which takes time. Like everything all options will have pros and cons. Bearing in mind the FSS are years ahead of where they initially projected they’d be - expectations should be tempered slightly, as said previously this acceleration has given rise to some issues which are currently being addressed - as well as everything else that is being done. Also worth keeping in mind that had the original route (without the fan bank loan) been taken - there’d be no veto and a much lower shareholding would be currently held etc. Also saying you haven’t gotten shares back isn’t necessarily true - The FSS essentially got a load in advance due to the fan bank loan. My own understanding from early on was it would always turn to a subscription based model - I’m sure I have an email and it was definitely communicated at a fans forum. Fans do have additional benefits as well - there are various comps, early access and certain discounts. The main benefit though is getting a say on big decisions which will shape our club.
  10. 100% all for giving a new deal to McCann. One of our steadiest performers this season. Very good in the air (for his height) due to his positioning. Could count on one hand the mistakes he’s made this season - caught up the park a few times. Still only 23 as well.
  11. Honestly didn’t think you were. Was genuinely just asking out of curiosity. I totally agree members and members views come first and foremost.
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