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  1. No, no, no…….They’re just following orders by taking their whitewashing…..err, sorry…..marketing slogan to its’ logical implementation. What was it again ?………Anyone and Everyone , even Nazis.
  2. When they need to back up the myth that we only raise our game against them
  3. I’m wondering if Mowbray might previously have been involved in discussions about budgets and potential transfer activity, and pretty much knows the ball-park figure that we’d accept.
  4. Ahh…..cheers min. Seems a bit odd that the report didn’t just say that. Wouldn’t have thought “hell” was considered all that bad , even in that era
  5. “….sent him to a warm climate which is reached neither by rail nor steamer…” What’s all that about then ? ….. euphemism ?
  6. But some people are just so laxadaisacal with their use of language
  7. Presumably , “Liewell“ and the WATP sign-off were edited out before going to print.
  8. Disagree. There was a ridiculously easy pass into acres of space on the left side, , for Ryan Fraser who would have had a clear run in on goal , or at worst an option to just take it towards the corner flag.
  9. Given that our team that day included Rutkiewicz , D’jaffo , Mackie and Mike ….Zlatan was actually being quite magnaminous
  10. Sam Allardyce He’s got as much nollij as Pep and Klopp Hopefully he’d fleece the victims like he did with Leeds. £500K for 1 point in 4 games and telling the players they’re not good enough.
  11. Are house in the middle of are street
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