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  1. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/6507143/duk-tells-aberdeen-he-wants-to-leave-pittodrie/ “I think this is the right time to embrace a new challenge. “I think that, and the people who work with me think the same. “It would be a good opportunity to repay all the support they gave me, whether Aberdeen or Benfica, because Benfica still has a percentage. “In a year’s time my contract with Aberdeen ends, and in six months I will be able to sign for any club. “I think the best way to repay the support they have given me is to be able to make a transfer now, in which we all win. Me, Benfica and Aberdeen.” Elsewhere in the article he says (and i'm paraphrasing) "the cheeks? Ha ha, f**k no" so there's that. Love Duk. If he wants to go now though it's fair enough. Better than running down the contract. Based on last season's form seven figures would be decent. Based on the reported bid Hibs have for Youan we should be looking at five mil easy.
  2. It's quite a big ask if you're working in a burger van that doesn't have a cheese grater or any blocks of cheese. I look forward to Stevie's upcoming posts about the lack of buckfast in the bierhalle.
  3. £144k? sounds like a gross error
  4. Yes it is. They spent all their money on some Tory spiv's dodgy vetting scam and can't afford lighting or sound engineers.
  5. Of course. I remember. Was he not in about Janet Street Porter too? Doesn't bear thinking about
  6. You’re right; never even noticed this before. I’m going to use the more accurate terminology from now on (not that I’ll actually get in a bus, but in theory). Who do we need to speak to to get this changed? Is it still Susie Dent ?
  7. What does this guy actually do? All I’ve seen of him is big wordy student politics guff.
  8. If Barron is going to them I’ll be pissed off. Not getting the whole “not bothered” vibe. He’s a talent that we’re (probably ) losing for a relative pittance after developing and giving a chance. I think he’s already shown more than wr**ht and has potential to be better than Jack. Disgusting. The only thing to do in this situation is poach an equivalent youngster on the cheap from further down the food chain.
  9. Not sure if that's a reference to suicide bombers or Mr Creosote levels of obesity?
  10. Yeah, i wouldn't buy the cheap stuff, it's always cloudy. I'm sure Aldi buy the gunk from the bottom of the vat. Olive oil expected to top £10/l at some point this year. There's a disease or a parasite or something killing off the trees. I'm sure a marinated tomato salad will be just as tasty with spray - on maizola.
  11. No one cares about your creative hub..... I can't be lugging tools and everything like that," he said. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/residents-fury-after-council-demands-29358457.amp
  12. *wasn't actually fined. Nice souvenir T shirt though. Really remembering hard.
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