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  1. The whole scenario of our qualifying relies on Ifs and buts
  2. Today!!! Flight to Brussels. One night in Brussels then train to Cologne tomorrow morning
  3. I always try and think from the opposition perspective and look at Scotland through those eyes. Bar the midfield, Scotland (on paper) won't worry any team. I imagine they will all be confident in scoring against us and not conceding. You then look at the players who haven't made other nations squad and who we turn too when we get injuries. We are right up against it. Personally, I wouldn't want it any other way
  4. We are off to this game also. Sitting in the famous yellow wall stand. Looking forward to it
  5. I'm wearing my kilt travelling in and then for the Scotland games only. 100% real kilt. Those fake ones should be illegal
  6. Kilt, top, sporran, passport, sambas and phone. Done.
  7. Their army is supplied with a tool that can open a bottle, saw a small branch and cut your nails. You will be fine
  8. Best case scenario? Win it then retain it. God bless MacLeod
  9. Thursday lunch time Edinburgh to Brussels. Night in Brussels then the train to Cologne Friday morning
  10. The best coaching advice to any child imo is drilling into them to always think "what if" when playing
  11. The bottom line is Dundee have been fined and are due both St.J and the rangers money but, it's not Dundees fault though eh Deluded doesn't even begin to cover it
  12. Well I've told you I 100% know stewards are paid per game (overtime isn't an option) I've also told you I've physically seen floodlights on long after games are finished at both Dens and Tannadice. The police fee is common sense.
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