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  1. It seemed to be raw luck that nothing bad happened. Absolutely no crowd management. Other than trains that was an all timer away trip. Every tournament should be in Germany. For me the main thing about last night was that we looked like we deserved to be there. Could have won it and could have lost it but the optimist in me says we can still move up a gear.
  2. I obviously don't know the rules. That's a dive. Contact doesn't mean a foul. Also mental behaviour as easier to score
  3. I wouldn't be putting money on it but I reckon if you run the simulation 100 times we maybe get 4 point 1 in 3 or 4. Absolutely a chance but needs us turning up and putting in a Spain performance twice.
  4. What about blue shirts and white shorts for Caledonian and black socks with red tops for Thistle?
  5. Some effort to have the support in this state after a free hit. A competitive 2-0 loss and nobody gives a f**k.
  6. An absolutely disgusting performance and no "happy to be there" " Germany are good" can detract from that. I have watched football for 40 years and can count on one hand how many spineless shit the bed performances I have seen like that.. The consolation goal keeps us in the group and we still contrive to sit off and invite a 5th. Players should be ashamed as the gulf in quality on the night is nowhere near the gulf in quality at the levels some of these players play at.
  7. What a fucking minter. Played this liked University of Stirling v Celtic. Yes, Germany are better but most of our team are playing at a similar level each week
  8. I got the train to Leven the other day. Why did they build that?
  9. Looks like we won't be defending the trophy in Belfast. Northern Ireland probably won't even exist by then anyway. https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/football/casement-parks-chance-hosting-euro-29336937
  10. Any Springbank 12 at the distilllery? I think I'd be willing to do an 8 hour round trip if I could ever find it
  11. But when you look at the mental health of most Dees over 40 you have to ask, at what cost?
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