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  1. so we thinking any signings this weekend before the Falkirk?
  2. He came on last 7 minutes against Celtic and was up front with Bryden
  3. yeah lot of people (Accies Fans) felt he was likely destined to be Premiership bound before his injuries, and from seeing him play in the friendlies he looks comfortable on the ball and fits the bill of what Brown wants from his defenders it's a risk don't get me wrong but i would be willing to give him a go
  4. Watret having to be given alcohol free beer cause he’s too young, bright future ahead for him for certain
  5. Maybe it’s a case of he’s played his max games and it’s just trying to work out a deal with Accies in regards to the development fee
  6. Syla as a back up is fine but I do agree we need one more and unsure if it is Carse if he’s physical enough either
  7. I agree say what you want about Paddy but it’s clear he fits the role that Brown is wanting from his full backs alongside Watret and maybe depending on the situation even Stanger could maybe do it on the right
  8. Friendly reminder that somehow McCrorie is the 4th choice keeper for Scotland
  9. What happened to Rose assumed you guys were gonna sign him once we let him go
  10. A very good signing for them considering he scored 20 goals for Glenafton and Whitletts are two divisons lower
  11. Right back fully depends on if Watret is ready he’s shown good signs but I’d wait for his first league cup start before deciding if we are running with him and McAllister
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