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  1. Murphy and chalmers are our main creative players. McGeady too but he just creates a wage that someone else could be getting.
  2. Ffs rovers, could you not have shat the bed on Saturday? Against a team that doesn’t count Tommy Robinson ten names in their ranks. Still hope you win the league. Sorry, maybe to soon but ffs.
  3. f**k. Thought we were joking. Might be a bit late, I live in Glasgow now. You’ll wait, right? Did you get the red sauce? And salt and vinegar over the lot? And f**k yeah, smoked sausage and full sugar irn bru. I’m an Ayr fan, not a deviant. Actually, probs both but on my way.
  4. Ok, chill you 2. That’ll do. but could @Chippyminton buy me a sausage supper first. (Not a euphemism. An actual sausage supper. With red sauce. And a can of irn bri). And deliver it to the bypass. Then get your room.
  5. Not sure where you are going with this. A point puts us further away from the relegation playoff place. If you are inferring potential injuries to Ayr players, fair enough. I’m not taking that well. Right. I’m waiting on the bypass.
  6. Would have loved this game. He’d have met your teams pish with extra sauce. And then some skill. Have Morton fans been watching this all season? I mean, Ayr fans are pissed off about how our season has gone but we haven’t just been watching our team assaulting other teams. Dont get me wrong. An element of hard tackling is to be admired but your entire tactic? f**k me. No wonder drugs are a huge problem in Greenock.
  7. How on earth have I heard the phrase “hammer throwers” before tonight. Games not done so I don’t want this to sound like sour grapes but, it’s meant to be the beautiful game. Not the boot-iful game. A team of neds coached by a Ned.
  8. This game is not made for Murphy, what with all the violence. Fully expecting a Murphy winner.
  9. GYT? Lol. MYB ya bass. You’re lucky there’s a bypass otherwise RIP. (Decent chippies though).
  10. Here, Lanky. I’ve found you a spoon user. Might want to clean it first. Seems he used it for ‘gear’ and then gouged his eyes out.
  11. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean “the voices” aren’t talking to you.
  12. Murphy on the bench. I’m hoping/praying it’s not because he’s carrying an injury and will be coming on 2nd half after Amartey has run them ragged.
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