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  1. Don’t think there’ll ever be a time like this ever again in my lifetime tbh. Going to every game and ground strutting about knowing we’re league winners - it’s fucking February. I might hit grandfather status 40 years from now and I’ll be telling whoever wants to hear about how we strolled into the next 11 games singing songs of championees. Just don’t see it happening again. Cove, Stirling, QOS, Montrose, Hamilton, Annan - good luck with these away ends. It’s going to be a party every single minute
  2. It will be one of QOS away, Edinburgh at home or Montrose away. Hamilton have completely collapsed
  3. Controversial but so far I don’t think Ross, Shanley or Tait have shown enough to warrant a contract for a division above. This can change with the final 12 games, but I think we have to be really careful here. That’s 3 full wages - a wage that could be spent on quality which we will absolutely need if we go up.
  4. I presume they deliberated and decided the deflection somehow came off a Partick player, causing him to then be offside. Both parts of that are incorrect
  5. What a decision by the linesman. Shows how tough that job is - it wasn’t even close
  6. There’ll just have to be some tough decisions made. Refined squad has worked well this season. No point going in next year with the same guys who can barely get a game this season, with the added quality Mcglynn I’m sure will be looking for in the summer meaning they’ll be even further out the picture. A good problem to have though
  7. What is the Morrison song? Know the ultras have one but can’t remember it and he deserves a stand wide one tomorrow. Think he’s had a couple of songs as he’s been here that long
  8. Oh my fucking god. Club legend status. Get this man a mural AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. 2 new contracts announced imminently. Realistically that’s only going to be Mccann Yeats and Morrison. Probably the former 2.
  10. Inspired by Falkirk Daft. Who’s your player of the season? Im genuinely struggling to pick: Morrison Miller Lang Spencer Henderson Yeats There’s not many who you can’t make the case for! Will be a close vote
  11. Where we winning it then? Edinburgh at home or Montrose away on the tv? Home to Cove the following week? Montrose for me thanks, the biggest piss up in a long long time
  12. Cherry on the cake. 6 points out of 6 from these two games is brilliant. The party may start sooner than we thought.
  13. A very tough game made tougher by Ryan Williamson seemingly out injured
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