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  1. Was at them all and on the pich at them all. After the Airdrie shafting i could not go anywhere near social media and blamed McGlynn for his tactics. Bin him please. Glad i am not in charge! This season it is not just winning games but it is the driving forward of the team at every opportunity. That is what us Falkirk fans crave. The defence is also solid and can score a few too. Great decision not to listen to me after Airdrie!
  2. Anybody else feeling stupid for thinking that John McGlynn was not the man to take this club forward?
  3. Think IF we beat Annan on Saturday we have a more than 50/50 chance of winning this league. 1/250 on Bet 365. Time to stick a pound on i think?
  4. The word IF appears to be changed to WHEN which is brilliant
  5. Think we have already won it. I am sure i saw Rankin throw a towel on the park after the Alloa game to stop the fight
  6. It greatly pained me last year but when the scum won the league i went on to their site and congratulated them. Same with Airdrie in the playoff to get promoted. I dont see many of their fans on here congratulating . Feck um!
  7. We need to be really on our top game next week. Our opponents are the team that beat our nearest rivals just a couple of weeks ago. Top X1 a must
  8. IF we win All of our games we will be the Incredibles !
  9. We Falkirk fans really feel it for Hamilton. We had a few years of the pain you are feeling. GIRUY
  10. Those two words squad rotation give me the fear after EC
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