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  1. Get on with it Facebookers. Edit: And when you're done with that, you can play a wee game of Walloper Bingo. Posted by the same middle-aged wumman.
  2. Could one of you smart kids explain the BBC's 3rd/4th Ranking table? The four best 3rd place teams go through to make up the sixteen in the next round, yes? So what do they mean by 'Position 3: Possible 8th finals'? Positions 3 & 4 would go through Shirley. What am I missing? "
  3. Ian Darke, giving the US commentary has been pretty good in the 2 games he's covered so far. Just reminded everyone that "Harry Kane had two, count them two touches in the entire first half." World beaters, eh?
  4. What a difference in mentality from the Albanians. Scotland would've been 4 down in this game too by now.
  5. Even the US commentators are introducing the audience to the word 'stramash'.
  6. 2 of those 3 suggestions sound appealing.
  7. Still trying to decide what to have for dinner. For some reason 'mince' keeps popping into my head.
  8. A boxing referee would've stopped that game ages ago.
  10. BBC saying Fullkrug's shot was clocked at 111 km/h.
  11. A goal every 5 minutes and we'll be right back in this.
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