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  1. The 5th sub rule is no longer an optional thing. It’s been added to the laws of the game.
  2. Clarke and the sports science guys will know better than me which players will benefit from a kick about with some fishermen in potentially seering heat and which will benefit from a rest but I can’t imagine many of those who played on the last weekend in May will be risked. Instead, I see that game as an opportunity for those who last played on the 18th/19th to keep fresh, whereas the Finland game will probably see us move towards a tournament XI of sorts. I think the final squad will probably be announced on the day after the Gibraltar game.
  3. I read somewhere online last week that he’s expected to announce a “long list” in mid May. Putting two and two together, the final squad would need to be some time after that. Most of the squad will finish their club season on the weekend of 18th/19th May unless anyone is involved in play-offs or cup finals. At the moment we have Ralston, Taylor, Souttar, Jack, McGregor and McTominay playing domestic cup finals the week before the Gibraltar game. Norwich (Gunn, Hanley and McLean), Southampton (Adams, Armstrong, Fraser) and Leeds (Cooper) are all in playoff spots at the moment. John McGinn’s Aston Villa are one win away from the conference league final on 29th May which would also mean we’d be without our set piece guru Austin MacPhee for a lot of the pre tournament training. Jack Hendry’s Saudi league runs right up to 26th May, as does Tierney’s La Liga, McKenna’s Danish League and Josh Doig in Serie A. I think you might well see a bit of a make shift team for the Gibraltar game as Clarke prioritises giving minutes to guys coming back off injuries and resting guys who had extended club seasons. For that reason I think you’ll see a bigger squad for that game and then the final squad against Finland. something like Gordon Hickey - Porteous - ??? - Robertson Gilmour - McTominay Armstrong - Brown - Christie Dykes The 2nd CB would be whoever out of Hanley/Cooper isn’t in the playoff final
  4. This is exactly what’s going to happen. Hes naming a larger squad in May and then trimming it on the June 7 deadline.
  5. It’s 100% true. Here’s what happened last year. Mental.
  6. My current plane, based on the assumption that Hickey and McTominay will be fit enough to go but Armstrong Ferguson, and Patterson will not. The guys in brackets are the 24th-26th men that get in if the squad is expanded: Goalkeepers: Zander Clark, Craig Gordon, Angus Gunn (3) Defenders: Liam Cooper, Aaron Hickey, Jack Hendry, Scott McKenna, Ryan Porteous, Anthony Ralston, Andy Robertson, Greg Taylor, Kieran Tierney, (Grant Hanley) (7/8) Midfielders: Ryan Christie, Ryan Fraser, Billy Gilmour, John McGinn, Callum McGregor, Kenny McLean, Scott McTominay, Ryan Jack, (Tom Cairney) (8/9) Forwards: Che Adams, Lyndon Dykes, Lawrence Shankland, (Jacob Brown) (3/4)
  7. Speaking of scum abroad, I find it genuinely bizarre that in this day and age there are hundreds of Sevco fans that congregate in Benidorm on 12th July and hold an orange walk. wtf is that all about?
  8. Time for Ryan Fraser to stand up and be counted for club and country
  9. You guys are deeping that phrase too much IMO. The article is about him being charged so it makes sense for them to point out that he lives there too.
  10. The quick buck part was perhaps slightly exaggerated but I’m not sure even making profit is necessary. He just needs to get in for a year or two and not lose any money which is enough to keep the show as a viable offering for the BBC and in turn keeps Sugar and his mates relevant. I don’t think you’ll see many big gambles going forward, he’s still got egg on his face from Sian Gabbidon’s swimwear effort. It’ll be more gyms and dessert parlours from now on.
  11. I don’t see any way that Ralston isn’t on the plane now, agreed. I also think if the squad stays at 23 you probably can’t take both Hickey and Patterson unless you’re really confident in the fitness levels. If it’s 26 you can punt around a bit but if it’s 23 you kind of just have to take whoever’s more fit of the two + Ralston IMO.
  12. The most mental thing of all is that a not insignificant percentage of Tory MPs think this grifting charlatan’s biggest mistake is resigning rather than seeing it through and that her policies would have worked if given the time. When Labour inevitably win the general election the next Tory leader election will be between an “all taxation is theft” type Truss-adjacent candidate, and a “Leave the ECHR, hang the paedos, sink the boats” type Braverman-adjacent candidate. And I reckon the Truss supporter will win.
  13. I’m not sure how many players have come back from hammy surgery in 9 weeks. I think he will be out. I do think Hickey has a chance but any further setbacks and he’s probably done.
  14. Patterson confirmed as needing surgery, season over.
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