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  1. So we’re tasking ex-Celtic players with offering contract extensions? This goes from bad to worse.
  2. If that’s true it’s beyond tinpot. What an embarrassing thing for a professional football club to do.
  3. Some of us have more chance of winning the lottery than having sex….
  4. Norway to recognise Palestine as a state, Ireland and Spain set to follow. Hopefully other European countries will do similar.
  5. Maybe so, I’m just surprised that someone who was barely a squad player in the Championship would be seen as good enough for the top league.
  6. Would we really keep Cudjoe? By the amount of game time Goodwin gave him he obviously didn’t think he could offer much at even at Championship level.
  7. Widening this out, I hate flying and have had some horrible experiences. The worst was trying to land at Hainan airport; three failed attempts before heading back to Hong Kong.* The sooner that Star Trek style transporters are invented the better. * Fucking Dragon Airlines…
  8. My granda was called Groot. So was my grandma. They were both gentlemen. Some coincidence, eh?
  9. Given the current political situation in the US I’m inclined to cut Biden a lot of slack. If the forthcoming election was even close to ‘normal’ I’d be willing to risk the election of a Republican President but the thought of a second Trump Presidency chills the blood. So there’s a difficult electoral balance between placating the American public who are mainly pro-Israel and doing the right thing. * Of course maybe it’s not electoral and Biden is one of those who genuinely thinks Israel can do no wrong. ** There’s an irony that those in the US who might be happy with attacks on Jews are not supporters of Biden but supporters of Trump.
  10. Great day undoubtedly. And we have many fans who can remember us lifting that cup.
  11. So Biden thinks there’s no equivalence between Hamas and Netanyahu. How many more incidences like this need to be uncovered to change his mind. Gazans ‘shackled and blindfolded’ at Israel hospital https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/crgygdr7vezo The willingness of the West, with the honourable exceptions of ROI and France, to ignore, or worse excuse, the actions of the Israeli government will be judged for years to come.
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