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  1. It's been Edinburgh City for about two minutes since your previous, stupid gimmick wore off.
  2. It might hint that we're fishing in some unusual waters for players at the moment (similar to Davies). If we end up with a bunch of folk with 200 games a piece trying to 'get used' to the big crowd surroundings of Annan (h) then it can be filed alongside his 'minerals' patter from the previous interview.
  3. Good game and a genuinely effective and insightful commentary for a change. Shame it gets handed over to these diddies for 15 minutes.
  4. If by multiple reports you mean, a rehash of a story in a Japanese newspaper and blog run by a bunch of American fruit loops, sure. Talleyrand must be spinning in his grave.
  5. Don't they know that the International Rules-Based Order is only supposed to apply to America's enemies?
  6. I thought Inverness couldn't lose any more dignity, but here we are.
  7. They've been living beyond their means each and every season - to the tune of fully £800,000 per year before Scot Gardiner even slithered into the premises. Inverness Caledonian Thistle is the Potemkin village of Scottish football.
  8. Time to relegate Inverness as a settlement back to seaside league village status while we're at it.
  9. Not convinced that this particular train will reach the seaside without the wheels falling off and the engine bursting on fire and engulfing the entire contents. Which would be a terrible, wee shame.
  10. I see Mark Rigders' assurances about Inverness' survival during their meaningless last league game of the season aged splendidly.
  11. Also the only club to vote correctly to deny Sevco's application to the SPFL, IIRC. Hopefully you can prevail over a bunch of B team scabs/shite chicken vendors.
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