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  1. Slithering past a Highland League outfit 1-0 is absolutely not to be expected, by anyone who still understands what standards are instead of the pathetic gaslighting exercise ongoing at Cappielow this summer.
  2. 1) Team orders were explicitly banned for a period after the wrong team used them too many times. 2) That race win was handed over after the driver's championship was already won by Senna. Which is also why (with all due respect) Rubens Barrichello has double figure race wins to his name. I think the point that most can agree on is that Piastri should simply have been pitted first as there was no serious two lap threat to either Norris or Piastri losing a place. But the attempts to 'correct' that through team orders were completely farcical and if it were another team other than Sky's wet dream then it would have been a Shameful Chapter in Race History.
  3. What does Harris' gender and race have to do with the task of nominating the most suitable candidate for political office?
  4. 1) If what the boss is trying to do patently isn't working and isn't going to succeed then it's not a hindrance to point that out. Sticking with the same mantra and producing excuse after excuse for a failure to perform is the real hindrance, and that's what we're seeing right now. Imrie has certainly earned enough slack to make good on a mistaken or unsuccessful change of approach, but that will involve swallowing a huge amount of humble pie sooner rather than later and not lashing out against fully merited criticism for an awful excuse of a performance like yesterday or the previous two games. 2) Football supporters are not club employees with any sort of duty to to happy clap whatever ideas are being implemented either by the first team manager or at boardroom level. Big bad Morton fans are in reality no more or less demanding on the club than anyone else - and the reality of the current performance levels is stark.
  5. Yeah, I can't help but think that you have a vested interest in this discussion that is separate to those of a supporter alone. And as for losing the respect of Robbie fucking Muirhead or whatever next glorified Herbalife ambassador thinks that the fanbase of a mediocre Scottish football club is a deeply unfair, inhospitable bearpit for them to perform alongside...
  6. What relevance does the final few metres have, in comparison to dropping your lead car 4 seconds on the straight to let your chosen winner overtake? It's either a shameful betrayal of the fan base and Principles of the Competition or it isn't.
  7. Thoroughly looking forward to 'Lando' losing out on the title by 4 points.
  8. Whenever Ferrari orchestrate a 1-2 position: disgraceful cheapening of the Corinthian values of motor sport. Whenever McLaren orchestrate a 1-2 position: The Only Correct Thing to Do. Fooling absolutely no-one.
  9. He's probably had enough of his odious creep of a team boss too, now that they're no longer delivering the best car on the grid.
  10. This race handily confirming that >90% of the drivers and senior team officials involved in this are absolute bell ends.
  11. Can somebody please remove this Clive Tyldesley level c**t from his microphone/soapbox please.
  12. Lap 48: Hamilton now mewling at his team for not having good enough tyres later in the race. If only he had the choice not to shred his second set by setting a string of fastest laps straight away.
  13. Lap 23: 'If there's anyone who knows how to keep his tyres for later in the race, it's Lewis.'
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