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  1. Bryson is definitely getting more likeable these days.
  2. Really poor course management on that last hole from Schauffele. No need to take the wood from the bunker.
  3. This was from my back garden about this time last night, on the slopes of the Sidlaws
  4. The old stand being condemned would be an apt ending to the builder’s stewardship.
  5. That was an excellent drive from Lando. Delighted for him, he always comes across as one of the good guys. That McLaren looks properly quick with the upgrades as well, they’ve made impressive progress since the start of last season.
  6. First league game yesterday, we got pumped (some late wickets made it look closer than it ever really was). 4 overs 0-18 for me, not great, not awful. On to next week we go.
  7. I think Murphy would be a reasonable appointment, though I’m not sure if him being a close friend of the new director makes it more or less likely. Otherwise, it’s a pretty uninspiring list.
  8. Sandra teeing it up as “you’ve decided to move on” sums up a season of horrendous interviewing. ”All good things come to an end”. His delusions clearly don’t though. ”I’ve handed out over 100 fines this season”. Maybe that’s a strong clue that the players never respected him. No surprise.
  9. He really said “all good things come to an end”. Jesus Christ
  10. My internet is £75 on its own. The joys of living rural and having to use starlink to get a decent connection speed.
  11. I think Jim McIntyre’s side was better than Chisolm’s.
  12. I’ve always just traded in and had the outstanding finance settled as part of the new finance deal on the new car.
  13. It’s been fairly widely reported over the last few days that he’ll be able to go to another team in 2025, in time to work on their 2026 car for the new regs coming in. He was only under contract to 2026 in any case, he’s negotiated to get out a year early.
  14. Newey’s Red Bull exit confirmed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/articles/cv2rd53gnr6o
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