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  1. Big Ayo Obileye has been released (out of contract) by Livingston. Would be solid as a rock down in L1, but can't see him dropping to this level now - plus doubt we could match his wage expectations.
  2. Queens pitch has been relaid and is night and day compared to the previous version - it looks on a par with Falkirk's pitch now. Not sure who the supplier was though. Oh, and yes, the previous pitch was dreadful.
  3. Depends entirely on the size of that FT budget. Falkirk/Accies had FT budgets this season that enabled them to sign decent quality. Queens had a small FT budget that enabled them to sign dross. It's also a case of how you use that budget - for example Bartley signed something like 29 players FFS. If the budget is limited then maybe think about running a smallish sized squad. Or run something hybrid whereby you pick up a couple of high quality PT players in the mix (who maybe have good jobs outside the game and don't want to be FT). At this level there's more than one way to skin a cat as they say.
  4. ICT announce they will stay FT next season ... wonder how big their budget will be?
  5. Taking the positives out of that statement ... you'll still be FT next season, with the implication that the club will still be in business. A wee word of caution though, staying FT isn't everything (QOS are still FT in L1 going into our third season down there) - it also very much depends on: (1) the size of the FT budget, and (2) who manages that budget (ie does the recruiting/coaching/team selection) ... as we've found out to our peril. PS - a certain M Bartley is available for future work, kens how to manage a limited budget, just sayin' ...
  6. This is a familiar concept ... it tends not to work out all that well ...
  7. Yep, I can't see a runaway winner this time, nor can I see anyone getting stranded at the bottom. Going to be tight as hell this one. Very early days, but I'd be leaning towards Arbroath for top spot - but I just haven't a scooby what sort of side ICT will be. Alloa will definitely be in the promotion playoff mix.
  8. It's a real bugger waking up from a good dream, eh?
  9. I hope so too ... aye, cos we'll no doubt still be in the same league as you then!
  10. It's certainly a tantalising prospect, but I'll hold my fire until I see what the Queens squad actually starts to look like. Also need to see what ICT look like after the relegation/financial turmoil chaos settles down a bit.
  11. Yeah, need to see how the various squads look like - including Queens. I've said on another thread that I think Arbroath and ICT would be the likely favourites but the financial turmoil at Inverness could maybe derail their season. Have to say, Alloa have been absolutely solid as ever and fully expect them to be in and around the playoffs once more. Nice wee "over-the-bridge" derby with Stenny for Alloa, to replace the Binos derby.
  12. Agree ... a much more even landscape on the face of it. Arbroath or ICT probably favourites just now, although we'll need to see what the fallout from the financial problems at Inverness are. I'll reserve my judgement on Queens prospects until we start to see what the signed squad looks like.
  13. Usually end of May IIRC ... anyway, congrats, deserved to win the playoffs but sorry to lose a nearby ground (for me). Also not sorry to see the back of a club that Queens just never ever win against and who would be too strong for us again next season. Enjoy.
  14. Stenhousemuir 32 Dumbarton 38 Alloa 42 ICT 177 Stenny's the nearest for me. Bit of a shame to lose the wee 16 mile round trip down to Accies though. Haven't been to Stenny or Dumbarton for a wee while now, so good to revisit - plus my youngest lives in Helensburgh now so that's handy for The Rock. Never been to the Tulloch Stadium (or whatever it's now called) at Inverness, although did once watch Killie getting pumped oot the big cup by Inverness Thistle way back in the day when there was no snow at Aviemore for skiing. Always something new, bring it on.
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