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  1. Think going to be a very interesting shareholders meeting on Wed. night . The board and Marvin Bartley will surely get some difficult questions the problem is our manager talks a very good game that is what he is best at. If only we could find a Dougie Imrie type he has players that would run through a brick wall for him.
  2. Definitely a 2 and half year contract. Even if we limp to 8th place and we sack him he will still over a year to go . Going to cost a huge lump sum to get rid of him but we can't let him assemble another poor squad like this . Iain McCall is my favourite for the job but would he take it with the changes that we will have to make On the full time thing does it make a difference . We have played many part time teams better organised and just as fit as us .
  3. At the AGM Bartley will do what he does best talk a good game. Massive gamble keeping Bartley in the hope that Queens can stay up .
  4. The fight for the relagation playoffs. We have nothing to suggest that we will not finish 9th . Once again we will set up not to lose which never works 5 at the back with 2 sitting midfielders boring poor football .
  5. Bartley will take us to the relagation playoffs. How the board cannot see that I have no idea. Now down to 700 odd fans what a disaster. We should sack Bartley now but any new manager has a massive job trying to get our very poor squad to win games of football .
  6. Bartley has close on 18 months left on his contract think wishfull thinking that some think we could get away with paying him just 6 months wages to get rid . The board should look at tonight's crowd .only 724 most fans have now gave up .
  7. He will be there in his eyes he has done nothing wrong . He will answer every question well . No chance he will be sacked Bartley will take the pressure off the board at the AGM
  8. Bartley will still talk his way out of it at the AGM that is one good thing he can do . He should have been sacked months ago if we let this go on we will be playing League 2 football next season .
  9. You heard wrong it will cost us over a year's wages to get rid of Bartley no matter what position we finish in the League . 1st half we got a goal looked half decent 2nd half was very poor Montrose deserved the win. What gets me is teams don't have to do much to beat us . We have nothing it is a real worry of the relagation playoffs
  10. It seems a few players arrived late for the Edinburgh game all hit with fines. That again just sums up our season players can't even be bothered to turn up on time. Do players want to play for Marvin i am not sure they do .
  11. The model of paying peanuts to young full time players just does not work on the pitch or more important financially . We need to get back to part time football. I am sure we could be at the top end in wages rather than pay poor full time wages . We have seen that at our level full time really means nothing unless you have a budget like a Hamilton or Falkirk.
  12. Bartley really does talk a good game next week at the shareholders meeting he will answer difficult questions with ease . He speaks very well but his man management of players is very poor not one would run through a brick wall for him .
  13. What a pathetic goal to lose was not even a well worked corner . Keeper at fault again what the hell was he doing but even after that McKay did not fancy blocking the shot sums up our season .
  14. I can't remember the last good game at Palmy if only Queens had the experience you have.
  15. Think your clock will be like the one at Palmy it never works . No chance the board have the balls or even the cash to get rid of Bartley . I expect him to still be in charge at the shareholders meeting when he will answer difficult questions with ease .
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