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  1. If Motherwell continue pressing snd hassling them they'll keep shiting themselves and resort to going long ball. Keep it up lads.
  2. It might help Aberdeen if Shinnie concentrated on doing his job instead of trying to referee the match. He's a moaning faced cnut.
  3. It won't be a grass pitch next season, Bowie needs to build the training centre first which is currently in the EAC planning permission process.
  4. Touch wood, he seems to be well over his hamstring and foot injury this season, he's only missed the one game so far and he's taken a few right hard knocks but he's always available for the next game.
  5. Lovely chest down past the Livi RB for the 5th goal as well, Bobby was unlucky the keeper got a hand to his shot but parried it to Cameron for the tap in.
  6. Tbf, Marley has been brilliant for us since he signed, not just against Aberdeen.
  7. Try Kerrydale Street, you won't be disappointed.
  8. Gogic has probably saved him from a fine or ban, the red mist had decended.
  9. It has the Clarke schooling Rangers vibe to it Get well soon Celtic
  10. You can f**k off anaw Your lot are getting your arses felt at RP on the 28th
  11. Unless your our ex manager Bobby Williamson who once told our fans 'if you want entertained, go tae the pictures"
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