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  1. I know. How dare someone atone for their mistakes and then make a comment about their team on an internet forum. Madness.
  2. Polworth didn't start because against Hearts he was absolutely dreadful. Worse than a man down. McKenzie should always start and I think Robinson just isn't ready to be in the starting eleven yet.
  3. Motherwell will really struggle once Slattery starts his ten game ban.
  4. I'd have said the same after the win against Motherwell earlier in the season. Motherwell tonight took the lead after being the better of two bad sides and then doubled it after some hoachin' defending. I'd be more worried about conceding two goals to ten men after that and then not being able to break down a team with Rory McKenzie at left back. Motherwell are bang in the relegation fight along with us, County and Dundee United and it's going to be January that decides who will go down.
  5. Well that was weird. Absolutely dreadful but a sending off and we suddenly turn into a decent football team. How Robbo didn't start is beyond me. To the positives... Don't think there's been a better goal scored than Polworth's and who knew (me) that Rory McKenzie should start every game for Kilmarnock?! However, if Motherwell can't see off a ten man Kilmarnock (especially this Kilmarnock team) then they're in big trouble. I can see why their fans are worried.
  6. On TV/PPV, Punk was absolutely fantastic. He didn't have a bad segment and gave AEW a significant shot in the arm. Off-screen and it's a different situation. If he's caused even a percentage of the problems he's reported to have then it's probably best they're rid. Saying that... Call me a mark, but I don't think he's done. He's not daft, nor is the Elite, and certainly TK isn't. There's a lot of money on the table if they want it and I can see him coming back at Revolution to start a feud with the Elite. Punk and FTR challenging for the Trios titles which then spills into Punk v Omega. Either way, the last few weeks of Dynamite have been fantastic. Roll on 2023.
  7. Actually looking forward to tonight. We showed something different in the second half on Saturday, especially when Robinson came on, and we surely have to win away from home eventually... Would like Wales to continue upfront as he was decent at Tynecastle and possibly Doidge alongside? Hopefully we at least see full-backs played at full-back which would be a start. 2-1 Killie.
  8. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Motherwell Kilmarnock St Johnstone St Mirren Dundee United Livingston Hamilton Ross County
  9. Aye that's pretty accurate about Dicker. Still, we need to start looking forward - Dicker and Power won't go on forever, and both started showing signs last season that they might be on the wane. Great against Rangers or Celtic but lacking something in games we're expected to control.
  10. Happy enough with the transfer business so far. Agree that we need to bring in another centre-back, and although Broadfoot has been fine if he or Findlay pick up an injury we're then reliant on a 19-year-old with no senior appearances to step up (or move Dicker). Tshibola signing today is excellent and hopefully settling down somewhere he knows will get the best out of him. All things being equal he starts in midfield ahead of Dicker for me.
  11. Giving away free tickets has had no long-term impact on attendances for us. If we have a team playing well, one that the fans can be proud of and a change in the boardroom then fans will come back.
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