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  1. Fucking hell. Absolutely heart breaking. 9 year auld.
  2. Have very little to say about this match. Having experienced last games where we desperately need something and also having experienced dead rubbers like this, my preference is massively the latter. Can relax, enjoy the game, have a party, and witness another 2-2 with late drama.
  3. You know, they should bring in some sort of video system to assist the referees. Times like this where the ref got it wrong they'd be able to pull it back.
  4. *frantically checks spfl rules to see if there's any mention of hot potato winners being denied europe*
  5. I can see what this is building to a mile away. 4th spot, European football, but finishing the season as winners of the dreaded Hot Potato. Oh, the shame!
  6. Best thing for me is, obviously, Killie winning and delaying Celtic confirming the title mathematically. Our players have had an incredible season and deserve to have the night be a celebration of that, rather than the focus being on what Celtic have done. Next best thing would be Rangers dropping points on Tuesday so it's done, and the result of Wednesday's game is irrelevant for both sides. No tension that way and everyone can just enjoy themselves. Whatever happens, looking forward to cheering the team on and staying behind to applaud them. One of my favourite squads of players I've ever had the pleasure to support.
  7. Prior to playing Rangers, I wanted us to take points off them, then a Celtic win, so we had led to Rangers losing the title to their rivals. Since getting beat, I now want a Rangers win, so that we then have the chance on Wednesday of ruining Celtic's season. What I'm saying is, I hate you both.
  8. Wild that St Mirren fans have reservations on Hemming's catching from crosses. In the Championship season he caught every single cross that ever came in to his box, even if it was 10 feet in the air. Was massively his biggest strength. Wonder what's happened there.
  9. Fair comment. It's just that Kilmarnock are such a huge, massive, enormous club that I've never had to concern myself with it.
  10. But, if I've got this right, ICT need to play Montrose, then if they win they need to play the winner of Alloa v Hamilton in the final? So they have both a semi and a final in which they can be relegated?
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