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  1. I am going with the drug dealer vibe and taking two phones with me. The second old one will purely be for the tickets, rail pass etc so that I don't have to worry about the battery packing in if I use my normal phone through the day.
  2. I don't think any of the SSC ones are out.
  3. Setting a standard for something doesn't mean they're all the same, it means they're all at least as good as a certain level, but some might be even better than that. Just like there are minimum standards for a grass pitch and yet some are brilliant and others are a mess.
  4. Also just waiting for my SSC Germany ticket now. Got all my ballot ones through, including my Switzerland ones which seem to be in a plum spot very close to the halfway line.
  5. There are already standards in place for artificial pitches.
  6. Partick Thistle gubbed this mob 3-0 in Dingwall a few months ago, and they finished behind one of the worst St Johnstone teams I can remember. They are not exactly the Harlem Globetrotters.
  7. I had to put my kitchen light on at 3pm in Glasgow today tbf
  8. Are folk seriously claiming a tie involving this Ross County team and this Raith Rovers team is all over just because of a single goal. Have you never watched Scottish football before?
  9. I feel like I saw boxes for sale in my local Co-op, but whether it was the full 100 packet ones or not I couldn't be sure.
  10. I'm the same. These were the ones my wife got in the very first ballot.
  11. Just got an email to say my tickets are now available in the app.
  12. Why would there be massive protests at Easter Road after appointing a fairly poor manager if there weren't really any when you appointed Mackay?
  13. People seem to forget that we did actually have to qualify for this tournament and did so comfortably, we weren't just dropped in at the last minute as a wildcard.
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