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  1. Just got an email to say my tickets are now available in the app.
  2. Why would there be massive protests at Easter Road after appointing a fairly poor manager if there weren't really any when you appointed Mackay?
  3. People seem to forget that we did actually have to qualify for this tournament and did so comfortably, we weren't just dropped in at the last minute as a wildcard.
  4. Did St Johnstone not have an away kit which commemorated getting pumped by a no-mark Turkish team?
  5. Almost none of those clubs can afford what they are spending.
  6. The squad hasn't been announced so the numbers certainly can't have been.
  7. Our 28 man provisional squad has 77 goals in it with Gibraltar and Finland still to play before the tournament starts. The Italy squad that won Euro 2020 had 80 at the start of the tournament, so there's a decent chance we'll head into it with more than that.
  8. I don't think he's that type of player, he'll end up being more like Ferguson and playing higher up the park (albeit he's not as good).
  9. Ross Stewart has 0 goals at international level so I'm not sure how he's helping your first part.
  10. They all seemed to have him in as an RWB option too, which suggests to me exactly why they are pundits and not coaches. There's no way Armstrong could play the RWB role in this Scotland team.
  11. I think we will be asking, but it's not really helpful for anyone to make that public.
  12. Was weird that so many people picked Barron purely on the basis of a story about him being one of the 40ish guys whose fitness the SFA checked up on.
  13. Has he had a much better season? They've both been very good.
  14. If Robertson has to go off near the end of a game where we're defending a lead, you'd surely want to just chuck Taylor on rather than having to shift Tierney away from the middle (or have someone like McKenna or Cooper lumbering about at left wing-back). It makes more sense to drop a centre-back from the squad if this is your argument.
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