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  1. Don't know about now but when sales opened yesterday it was only sections at the East side
  2. Aye me and my mate have picked SU for our 3rd season ticket/5 match package in a row and while the views brilliant wherever you sit the atmosphere isn't great. We've sat at the corner flag at the East End the last twice but were hoping for a wee change and a move more central or towards the West End but yet again it was only the same sections open initially and the rest greyed out. It's quite stupid they don't just put the whole stadium on sale straight away, especially with 38,000 SSC members and groups/families who might struggle to get seats all together while other sections aren't even open for sale yet.
  3. Don't rate him personally but it's all about opinions and fair play to him for turning in a good performance yesterday
  4. Fair play to Buchanan for just completely moving out the way of Scullions free kick to let us back into it. Rennies 2nd is indeed a screamer.
  5. Aye you're right. Let's rephrase it to this being our 2nd away league win since 2021 then (unless I've made a c**t of that aswell).
  6. Might not be far off! From a quick think I make it 3 seasons in a row with 1 solitary league away win. Stenny today, QOS last season and Falkirk in 21/22. Basically if we're to stay up now then the points to overturn the deficit will be earned at "home".
  7. As frustrating as it is, I find it hard to get angry if a players playing poorly or makes mistakes. That can happen particularly at our level. It's a complete obvious lack of effort that should justify pelters (by all accounts Young, King and others against Forfar)
  8. The whole club would need emptied from top to bottom to even stand a chance. A losing mentality right through that would only continue. We've already exited a cup competition this season to the side currently sitting 9th in that division and albeit our squad is near enough completely different now to then, they're hardly faring any better. We haven't won an away league game in nearly 2 years and going to places like Boness, Tranent and Linlithgow Rose don't make me any more confident.
  9. CM.


    I do to an extent seperate taking advantage of a bug to outright cheating like scum saving or making your team rich in the editor that I'm considering starting a save using this method for my transfer business At least there's still a sense of realism in the fact that there's genuine contract negotiations to take place which rules out bringing Haaland to Clyde.
  10. Obviously the Grants for us as mentioned. In the past decade or so we've also had Olly McDonald (Paul), Jay Henderson (Darren), Chris McStay (Paul), Gregg Wylde (Gordon), Kyle Ferguson (Barry), Scott Durie (Gordon), Ross Millen (Andy), Bradley Coyne (Tommy), Mark Archdeacon (Owen) & Dale Fulton (Stevie). Can't help but think our recruitment policy over our banter years was "did yer Da play?"
  11. Absolutely. For the Lyon challenge not the Ballantyne one.
  12. Jesus H Torbett they highlights are grim viewing. Had to laugh at the commentary thinking Ballantynes challenge was a red card though when Lyon scissor challenged someone in the same phase of play right before it.
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