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  1. That's Dunachie, natural centre half playing up front last couple of games
  2. It's obviously easy to say at full time but I always expected a comfortable win as Edinburgh are that bad, it's good to actually deliver it though and in emphatic fashion in the end. Cuddihy of all people getting on the end of a few corners was surprising to read on the twitter updates. Speaking of corners it seems that we'll finally be a threat from set plays for the first time in years. Goal threat all over the pitch too rather than relying on one good striker among a team of duds delivering the lions share. One part of me is saying having 4 players that can play CB is enough and another is saying that we look a bit short there if there's potentially going to be games McKay will be in midfield and Dunachie up front. Squad of 20 just now I wouldn't mind adding a CB and a striker from Falkirk to finish things.
  3. Jamie McGrath (Aberdeen) Yutaro Oda (Hearts) Todd Cantwell (Rangers) Shaun Rooney (St Mirren)
  4. You'll get more of a response to all of those questions on the Montrose thread. Any time I've been to Montrose we've had access to the stand. Terracing behind one of the goals is covered and certainly used to be unsegregated but unsure nowadays.
  5. Seems Dunachie was a handful up there but I don't think I'd be going into the first competitive game of the season with a defender starting up front ahead of 2 (could it be 3 if the worst kept secret in world football is confirmed beforehand...) out and out strikers.
  6. Annan like Spartans I missed a better price on earlier in the week so just left them alone. Could've turned out some day if I wasn't a lazy c**t
  7. Well Forfar made a better fist of it than I expected them to and going by the stats were unlucky not to equalise before Livi made it safe near the end. Good to get up and running early after having a frankly honking Euros personally.
  8. As for CSS, 9 trialists in their starting 11
  9. I'm on a treble that pays about 6/4, opposing the 3 sides who I think will prop up Scottish football next season. Stirling v Raith Forfar v Livingston Motherwell -1 v Edinburgh City Fancying a bit of a doing at Fir Park if I'm honest so potentially in on the handicaps in play depending on how things begin. If still goalless after 10-15 mins might get odds against for -2. As for outsiders, Spartans caught my eye at 7/1 earlier in the week but missed that and best price 21/5 now which I probably won't bother with.
  10. Probably means nothing as it was a behind closed doors bounce game but noticed that Connell had switched from his number 16 to the "vacant" 9.
  11. For the first time since the group stages came in we should be able to give it a right decent shot. Qualifying obviously still a massive long shot as it'll probably require 9 points but don't think a 3rd placed finish and more prize money than we're used to getting from this competition is an unrealistic target. Edinburgh City 1-0 Clyde on Wednesday.
  12. Given Bartley claimed he handed out over 100 fines last season then 19 seems minimal. Joking aside, I'd imagine McCall has done his homework and discussed all those issues with Connelly. Head and lifestyle obviously not in full time football but if we can benefit from that then excellent.
  13. Who I assume is the same person as our now confirmed new signing? I watched the Open Goal episode in question this morning and while some of the stories were funny and obviously unprofessional I agree with Derek Fergusons point on doing more homework on what individuals are like outside of football before going ahead and signing them. It doesn't really do Bartley any favours if these behaviours are from players that he signed.
  14. Another good signing. Heard he was EK bound aswell a bit of an out the blue one. I'd more rule out a Kabia return than an Allan one based on this signing. Connelly perhaps can play more centrally as well as wide but don't think he's an out and out 9.
  15. There's a load more photos on a flickr gallery. Seems some players had different numbers as Hamilton was 5 and Rennie still 9. We must've had 2 14's too as Paul McKay was wearing it and looks like he scored our goal.
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