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  1. You think they'd know by now that you'll never win anything with kids Kane.
  2. As Kane scored a header in extra time I've been given £705 worth of free bets that I now need to convert into real money. Get your "sure things" to me on a postcard.
  3. At least Darren doesn't have an 's' on his surname so he won't get mixed up with Ross Lyons....
  4. I think Gunn was unlucky with the first one, as it would have been a terrific save, but once he's got a full hand to a shot like that you'd expect him to keep it out. The fifth was maybe a touch harder than it looked and took a slight deflection (if I recall correctly) but again he didn't look convincing. Add in the disallowed goal and a couple of other times where he put the ball back into dangerous areas when making a save and he had a very poor game all round. As others have said though, we have no other choices so he should stay as number 1 for now at least.
  5. There wasn't one massive mistake from Gunn in there but more than one goal he could have stopped and other shots he put back into dangerous areas. Really poor performance all round.
  6. Can't complain at all at that. Stupid way to dive in.
  7. Awful challenge even though he had to go for that ball. Not stopping Musiala's run and not defending the header caused it though.
  8. Decent freekick with a good knockdown by Porteous into a dangerous area and absolutely no one near it to do anything.
  9. Placed after his body check on Christie as it was always coming.
  10. Christie was maybe just about okay but Tierney's just booted his other foot.
  11. Thanks for running this Christophe. Enjoyed watching the draw. I agree a fastest goal prize seems like a decent idea. Happy enough with Bruno Fernandes. Decent goal tally for Portugal so hopefully a small chance there. And just have to hope Lukaku doesn't hit it off for Belguim so Openda gets some decent game time. Both teams have easy enough groups which could help.
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