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  1. Thanks,really looking forward to gettin soaked,never been soaked since away end at Easter road in the SC in the late 80’s
  2. Where was aggy today,never seen him in the dugout
  3. How many loans are you allowed,is that 4 from Burnley and one each from Liverpool and Norwich,seems a lot,just asking
  4. Yous done the same at your place,hump up the park from keeper,flick on then maybe a chance,hard to stop and shit to watch
  5. A player can’t go out on loan to 2 different teams in the same season
  6. 3-1 fife,fash hatrick,first team squad mainly used with a couple under 20’s coming on,no Flem,Easton,McManus,walls or shepherd
  7. They are fulltime helped by a million quid they get each year for champions league qualifying,we wer ther last month,enjoy the trip whosever going
  8. I’d like a 3 5 2 flem murdo page easton healy McManus trouten walls newton fash shepherd
  9. Courier says he’s after another forward and a few defenders,he wants less loans
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