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  1. Jacob Pazikas, goalkeeper, on season long loan from Rangers.
  2. Who was the trialist playing at right back for Scotland in the Euros? Looked vaguely familiar.
  3. He’s capable of playing at a higher standard than League 2, so a good signing for Peterhead even if going there shows a lack of ambition on his part.
  4. Dylan Forrest moving on, while Ben Hughes returns after spending most of last year on loan at Hurlford.
  5. Given the previous discussions around the possibility of administration fans might be wise to hold off buying season tickets until it becomes clear that there’s no danger of losing the cash paid.
  6. Surely there is no doubt that a Rangers 3.0 would be required to start in the WoSFL Division 4… provided that they changed their mind on currently being full up.
  7. Excellent signing for you. Was my player of the year for Stranraer last season.
  8. The derogation for non-compliant clubs was until 1 July, and with the SFA's licensing committee meeting in June I don't see how the SPFL could/would want to take formal action before now. Expulsion of a club can only be done at a general meeting, although my reading of the rules is that if the SPFL Board decides to do something else that power lies with them rather than a GM. (Of course members could replace the Board at a GM if they're not happy with them.) There were rumours going round before the playoffs that ultimately they might be moot, but it was obviously too risky for either club to make assumptions about that. Anyway sounds as if we'll know one way or the other by the end of the day.
  9. I suspect this may be what the other 9 teams in the division will be privately hoping for.
  10. But another season's prize money and a guaranteed place in the Lowland League in 2025/26 versus what - resignation with no guarantee of a place in a league for the new season?
  11. Muhammad (Mo) Adam signs from Motherwell, and Tam Brindley from Forfar.
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