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  1. Things looking up for the first time in a while. We’ve got a decent squad to go into summer with. Really need a couple of strikers, be interested to see who we can get. Someone who can play on the right flank and a couple of new centre backs would be ideal as well
  2. Any point creating a new thread or should we just maintain the current one? To be honest I think we’re best renaming this “Elgin City 2023 onwards”
  3. Can’t imagine Stranraer have ever looked forward to an 11-hour round trip to Elgin more than they will be tonight!
  4. Well done Stranraer. Delighted Stair Park is staying in the football league
  5. Well done Sons. Seemed a much more optimistic vibe around the place this season
  6. Definitely. Barron struggled with the step up but I’m hoping now he’s returning to an Elgin side in a much better state than the one he left in January that he’ll do better this season. That said, we’ll definitely be needing a new striker. Quality strikers at this level are hard enough to find even for those who aren’t geographically challenged, so we’ll have to take a gamble on someone we’ve likely not heard about before
  7. I’d have liked him to stay to but I had no expectation he would. He hasn’t been getting consistent minutes over the last months and he’s travelling a long way for home matches.
  8. If Taylor was local he might have stayed. I did like him, but he was making long travels for fairly inconsistent gametime under Hale. Wasn’t expecting any more new contracts but I hadn’t realised Lawrence was still under contract. Duncan is off to Australia so I don’t think he was released to make way.
  9. Has Gibson returned to Queens with Murphy? Otherwise I reckon he’d be in with a shot of the job at Annan
  10. Considering how bad Caley’s home form has been this season I wouldn’t bet against Montrose progressing. First goal on Saturday will be massive. I think if Caley score first they’ll probably see Montrose off. Good chance that it’s a 1-0 either way
  11. It’s way too early to be chucking out predictions. I’d have had Peterhead in a basement battle this season after last years horror show but after their summer business it became quite obvious to me they weren’t likely to be worrying about it. They still did better than I thought they would!
  12. Stenny manager’s been at Queen of the South before. Not sure he’ll fancy another crack at them
  13. Voted for Stirling before reading the comments here. After reading them, there’s been food for thought and I’m now backing a Sons win. Cagey 1-0 home win tomorrow and a 1-1 at Forthbank. I wish Dumbarton well. My current prediction is that Peterhead will win the whole thing but if I’m wrong on the other tie and its Spartans that you’re facing in the final, I’d be backing Dumbarton for that one. Unlike the past couple of seasons Dumbarton are going in with a bit of momentum behind them and theres a cautious optimism about their chances from what I’ve read on P&B. Doesn’t feel like there’s been as much of a “papering over the cracks” like there was last season with the seven game winning start giving you a lot of padding.
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