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  1. To be fair we signed him from Dundee United although they did loan him out to Cumbernauld at some point!!!
  2. Also regarding Sean “Bomber” Brown, he is so out of his depth in League Two… BUT, when we loaned him out to Bonnyrigg his goals won them the Lowland League and got them promoted, he then repeated the feat with Spartans!!! He’s pretty shite in League Two but he obviously has something when it comes to the Lowland League, so maybe a third winners medal for him this year!!!
  3. Thought he was excellent in the pre season and started the season proper very well but got a bad injury and we never saw him again, if he is fully fit and back to what he was, then you’ve won a watch!!!
  4. He was excellent preseason and I also thought he came on after his first few games but that injury totally fucked him!!!
  5. Assuming that this is the reason that Pagey is the only player (so far) that has officially left, in order to free up a wage to finance this early signing???
  6. A bit unfair to put him on the bench when he’s one of only five players at the moment!!!
  7. It’s been a long time since I read the Clavell novels but one of the main points I do remember is the running thread through them about the Toranaga Clan, they become hereditary Shiguns and guardians to the heir and also build up a shipping empire that becomes an international concern all the way up to the current day!!! So I would be surprised to see Blackthore in any of the future seasons, I think his story is done, but there is obviously a lot for Toranaga to be getting on with to keep his story in line with Clavell’s Asian Saga!!!
  8. Thought the boy playing Rebus was quite good and better than Ken Stott… BUT Rebus should not be bigger in stature than Big Ger Cafferty, the guy playing him was frequently the smallest guy in whichever scene he was in!!! ^^^This is still the definitive portrayal of Big Ger, anything else is just a lie and lazy casting!!!
  9. Well Done Stennie you did your part, pity Elgin didn’t get the script!!!
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