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  1. Watched the goals from yesterday. Young Diack showed great composure for his goal. Looks a good prospect.
  2. Caley 2 Raith Rovers 0 Arbroath 1 Morton 0 Dundee United 2 Ayr 1 Dunfermline 3 Queen'sPark 0 Thistle 6 Airdrie 0
  3. Just when you couldn’tlaugh enough at thir defeat, he comes away with that beauty. Superb!
  4. They may call themselvesConservative, but they are anything but, and never have been. Only in name are they conservative, to converse the class system and the upper echelons and bugger everyone else. And the likes of you pander to it.
  5. Our defence has tightened up considerably since moving McBeth to CB.
  6. Looking like Hickey is out for the rest of the season. Unlikely to make Germany. Massive blow for Clarke.
  7. Absolutely clear. As is my conscience. As for yours? Oh dear!
  8. As a right winger I really don't there is any more room to dragged down for you. You are already there.
  9. Have you seen the light? You see Reform as a racist xenophobic right wing party and are baulking at voting for them?
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