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  1. There's a cliffhanger ending. It's Christmas Eve and Batman is staking out the villains headquarters. All of a sudden he is detected by a guard dog because
  2. My favourite wrestler was Big Daddy. I'm getting there....
  3. If you mean in the face, I don't know. If you're stupid enough you could probably punch yourself in the balls quite hard. Although watching Scotland has the same effect.
  4. The barmaid in the local is French and she's nice so Les Bleus for me
  5. So like a West of Scotland football team. The Magyar Maryhill?
  6. Everyone is a cnut in the Balkans. Except the Macedonians. Who are lazy cnuts.
  7. There are 3 big venues in Scotland able to accommodate the large Gers support. Hampden, which Celtic borrowed in the 1990s, but QP are there at the moment (although they can be told to Foxtrot Oscar to Lesser) Murrayfield. And there's another stadium in East Glasgow whose name escapes me...
  8. Dunbar's lost a couple of players so far but I dare say they will be replaced
  9. if it helps Scotland get through then jog off you slivovitz guzzling psycho ratbags
  10. "Show me a millionaire and I'll show you a million people short of a quid"- Alexei Sayle
  11. I think McVitie's are missing a trick by not producing a vodka jelly flavour
  12. There is a Scots legend that it was named after Mary Queen of Scots. She was ill and someone gave her orange jam which made her better. "Marie malade" in French means "Mary's ill". If you go to Avebury (older than Stonehenge, free, and you can go right up to the stones) then you find that some archaeology in the 1920s was paid for by a descendant of the Keillor family of Dundee, famous for marmalade. There's a pub in the middle of the stone circle too. It served a no bad pint what I remember.
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