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  1. Bonnyrigg is £210/£140/£70. Early bird is a tenner off and it looks like it cuts off on Saturday afternoon. PATG is £15/£10/£5, U-12s go free with a paying adult.
  2. Costs a fortune to visit that chapel now. Da Vinci code b*****ds! Had our wedding in the Royal.
  3. Station Hotel is a bonus for us. Great pub. Hey, it’s all positive this seaside league.
  4. I could walk there now in less than an hour. Used to play there on old limestone workings before IKEA was even thought of.
  5. Might be worth getting the decorators in, and maybe a trip to Ikea for some new furniture... could be here a while.
  6. Bye, Lichties… oh wait Ah well we’ve still got Scot Gardiner but we get to keep the best away day. It’s all good, right?
  7. Ah, cheers. Thought it was to do with Welfare but was too thick to find the index page. Edit- If this is the work of @mcruic then well done - fantastic resource.
  8. Excuse my ignorance - never really been into the ammies, but been watching LEAFA and Forth & Endrick for a year or two as ICT have become almost unwatchable. I'm also a watcher of the Lewis & Harris League as I visit there regularly. Why isn't the F&E league in the list?
  9. Nice pics & report etc, but I'm jealous of this, being married to a Leòdhasach and steeped in the culture. Still never seen them. They even came to Shetland last year during the Tall Ships, but we relied on my Shetland brother-in law to get the tickets. Being a bluegrass kinda guy, he didn't try very hard as he didn't think 5000 tickets would sell, which they did in a single morning. Also they have an upcoming Newcastle gig which I thought would be great for an overnighter till I discovered it coincides with Germany- Scotland. Never mind, maybe they'll announce them for the Hoolie at the Hydro in December. ETA - Beluga Lagoon at the Barras on Thursday
  10. LEAFA Championship. West Barns Star 2 Armadale Ath 5. (ht 1-3) A noon kickoff and nae rain today - a lovely day in sunny Dunny. Dale went ahead after about 7 minutes after a goalkeeper mistake which Jack Butland maybe saw as he did the exact same at Hampden later on, and were comfortable from then on. Looks like the final day fixtures in the LEAFA Saturday setup although I could be wrong as they haven't updated the league tables as yet, although the results are up.
  11. Were you actually around 25 years ago? Last ICT team v Alloa before promotion in 98/99 season: Les Fridge Richard Hastings Ross Tokely Mark McCulloch Bobby Mann Charlie Christie Mike Teasdale Barry Wilson Paul Sheerin Scott McLean Duncan Shearer Subs: Andrew Allan Iain Stewart Martin Glancy Pretty much all Highland/Aberdeen based players apart from 4, and I'm unclear whether those 4 did move up or just came up for matches.
  12. I see that Chris Donkin had a photie on FB of an odd couple standing by the park at Vale of Leithen last night…
  13. Aye Tam, ah ken. But maist fowk on here have likely never heard o it!
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