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  1. Visit to "probably the best away day in the SPFL" last Saturday. Steak and Black Pudding pie, Tutties, 2 ginormous smokies to take home. Mixed feelings about it as we don't really want to be there next season...
  2. Here's the No 1 away day as seen last Saturday. Will it be our last for a while? Mixed feelings
  3. Aye, also decent. I’ve actually got P7, W3, D3, L1 at Ibrox. Wish I hadn’t bothered the last time on Xmas Eve 2016. Lost 1-0 with Foran’s team and got relegated that season, never to return, so far.
  4. ICT fans have been right royally spoiled for the past 30 years. And we’re paying for it now… The only grounds in the entire SPFL where I have seen ICT fail to win are East Fife, Stranraer and Ainslie. Still to see ICT play at Bonnyrigg, Elgin, Peterheid, Annan and Dumbarton. I’ve also seen them at I’ve also got 3 wins at Ibrox and 1 at Parkheid.
  5. We’re going up on Friday for a week. The football will probably start in mid April although it can be Baltic with postponements due to waterlogged pitches. A place like Fivepenny where Ness play can be amazing on the long summer nights. Even had the good luck to see Steve Paterson’s ICT play a friendly there after they won div 3. @sweeneyness was manager last year but they dispensed with his services. I think he was spreading himself rather thinly.
  6. Not just that, but Kenny Miller says we’re doing quite well this season…
  7. Nah, it’s a bit sad that you must be upset/seething/raging if you disagree with anybody on p&b, I’m too much of an auld c**t to care anyway... I’m not from Inverness originally and I don’t care much who likes the place. I was simply, gently, pointing out the irony, which seems to have escaped you, that if “the journey there and back puts you off” then it must be as bad for anybody making the reverse trip…
  8. Well cheers for saying the ground isn't bad when most of us think it's shite. But if I was going by your logic I would have to put Dunfermline in 9th place Shirley? It's a bit like the St Mirren fan who said we had a cheek charging for the car park after all the distance they had to come...
  9. I went along too as I live nearby. Just curious- was it your first visit and you mean the slope? Or do you mean it was bumpy? The surface looked reasonable to me - guys standing next to me said it was much better than Saturday, when it cut up badly after all the rain.
  10. I imagine you already know that Tinto is in the first shot, but here's another anyway...
  11. WOSL Div 3 and a well-contested derby in difficult conditions at Moor Park. Lanark Utd 1 Lesmahagow 2. My first visit since 1999 (see top photo). Lanark made most of the running with Gow always dangerous on the break, and so it proved on the half hour when Marchant's cross from the left was turned into his own net by Meikle to send the home side in at half time a goal behind. The Yowes finally got their equaliser courtesy of Bulloch with 15 remaining, and at that point a winner for Lanark looked a fair bet. However they paid the price with about 3 minutes to go, when Duddy made his way in from the left, before squaring it to Clarke, who cheekily took his time at the back post, before converting to send the away crowd bananas. Pub report today - The Wallace Cave in Lanark pre-match followed by a favourite haunt, the Crown at Biggar on the way home.
  12. Didn’t go but can’t see much to cheer about in those highlights, just a typical home performance. I’m sure we’ll not disgrace ourselves next week in the Cup but home and away form is like night and day. We never had the quality to break teams down if they sit in, but losing the likes of Welsh and Wotherspoon just throws it into even sharper perspective. I thought Anderson was a real star for us earlier in the season but he seems to have faded right out.
  13. Other way round for me. Missed the first one with some kind of flu bug. What a day out the other one was. When Tansey’s goal hit the rigging I thought we would skelp them about 3-0. Jamie Hamill’s spot kick was another highlight, somehow we knew he would miss it after us holding out with 9 men, and him being a right wee c**t, then Draper stroked in the winner. We all went back to the Iona and my mate got Dean Brill’s glove
  14. Gala especially. Still matters to a couple of hundred folk by last season’s attendance figures. A good history in the Scottish Cup over the years, but hey, ‘throwing money at something that has no real meaning to anyone’, oh wait… When did I say that then? I gave you a list of 9 (plus the clubs that have moved on up) and this is your best shot? Some of these will be gone shortly anyway, up or down, makes no difference. Bankies or Broxburn will only strengthen the league next year, pity it couldn’t be both. As you say though, it’s a graveyard
  15. I wasn’t sticking up for Drumchapel or plastic in case you never noticed. Just stating facts. You could be looking at 9 out of 16 playing on the plastic very soon. Interesting point about the Netherlands although I think 3G pitches are a one way street. The Faroe Islands are nearly 100% plastic and they have kids games on all day, their participation levels put us to shame even though the weather is probably worse than here. Same with Norway. The league has more history than the WOS prem but I’m assuming you mean the clubs. So teams like Tranent, Lithgae, Strollers, Albion Rovers, Cowden, Shire, Bo’ness, Berwick, Gala, have no history? Plus the four that have gone up? Awright then. No passion? Prejudiced bollocks, how would you even tell? Zero crowds? Well to be honest most of the fake clubs are the most westerly so you’ve sort of got a point if you live over there. But we’ve got some right good supported clubs in the East. Btw ask Bonnyrigg, Spartans and Kelty if it’s a graveyard
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