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  1. I can't stop laughing at that. "Also, try to save me..."
  2. Looks like the wife has been having a go too.
  3. When i played GTAV at first there was a multiplayer lobby with about 6 options on screen for what was coming next and i think you could vote for what you wanted. Races etc... How do i get to that screen? Whenever i do online its just wandering around.
  4. I never got past the intro. I did what they told me and turned the tv off and went out
  5. @Flybhoy I have a question! In my hot press there is a valve that i sometimes have to open for a few seconds to bring the pressure up on my boiler if it has dropped below 1 bar. I normally bring it up to 1-1.5 bar then run to hot press and close it. The last time i let the pressure go past 2 bar maybe 2.5 and found that the towel heaters in my two bathrooms had started working again. Is it ok to have the pressure higher like that because it really takes the chill out the rooms with them working. I was once told to turn off all the rads one at a time and that would get those rails working but just couldnt get it to work.
  6. "Gregg? Would you mind keeping an eye on the kid while i clean up after lunch?" "ITS NOT HALF ONE YET!!!"
  7. The spy who shat in his hand and threw it at the school trip visiting the zoo.
  8. The rarest gummi of them all, it was carved by gummi artisans who work exclusively in the medium of gummi.
  9. Has anyone checked down the back of the couch?
  10. The third guy made the same sound as the first guy but twice.
  11. If it were to be Falkirk Raith in the final is there any chance it would be at tynecastle?
  12. Id like to know a slightly awkard thing if anyone has stats handy. Firstly how many teams have had consecutive promotions. Secondly of those teams, at what stage of the season had the first promotion been wrapped up. How many dead rubbers did they have. Im thinking that if the amount of dead rubbers is low then the team still had a bit of fire in their belly for the next season .
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