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  1. It wasn’t a laughable defeat, that’s disrespectful to Alloa, a team who’s on significantly better form than you. I can assure you, results won’t take a dramatic upturn if you get rid of Rankin.
  2. Really looking forward to seeing Accies Only tonight. Hope he doesn’t go missing like after the Anan game.
  3. So what happened to the deal Morrison had signed to leave Falkirk? looks like your club is the laughing stock of laughing stocks.
  4. I want to say that after goal 3 Hamilton played absolutely out of their skin whilst Falkirk were as bad as they’ve been all season at that point. Does show the gulf in class between the teams when Falkirk can have as bad a performance at home all season and Hamilton have a fantastic performance and still lose. Really reiterates that Rankin is doing a fine job with the players he has. The boo boys clearly have no real concept of what he’s working with.
  5. Just wondering what sort of meltdown Scottish football are having now. Must be so disappointing to see Falkirk 11-points clear at the top.
  6. You’re missing the point, you don’t have good players which is why you’re dropping points.
  7. You can talk about bringing in a new manager, but that won’t change results. There’s been a real misplaced confidence amongst Accies fans with team you have, it’s not a team that can expect to compete with Falkirk. Rankin might not be an outstanding manager but he’s done a decent job this season. The board is where Accies need change.
  8. I still stand by that Airdrie are crap. We were an embarrassment last season which is why we lost in the playoffs so badly. If we drop any points against you next season it’s unacceptable.
  9. Airdrie have no chance against them, they’re far better than any of the teams in this cup.
  10. Still majorly obsessed with us. Must drive you crazy that we’re top.
  11. Well I think it’s clear the people running your club are completely incompetent. If you’re going to do business you should be discreet about it. You certainly shouldn’t tell your fans that you’re going to sign three of your rivals players; even if it was true but in the end turned out to be nonsense. Not only that, but you then lose your best midfielder to your league rivals to compile the embarrassment.
  12. Hamilton really aren’t a good team, I don’t think there’s any Hamilton player I’d take over any of the first team at Falkirk. Despite the slack Rankin takes, he’s doing a good job with an average group of players. QOS should be looking to get something from this game, no reason why they can’t.
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