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  1. Yes, because my post was entirely serious and I was quoting actual, genuine P&B rules. Fucking hell.
  2. Seaside Leagues is a term used for League One & Two. Even if there are more seaside-based teams in the Championship than either of those leagues, this still applies. Those are the P&B rules, I’m afraid.
  3. Some result for Bochum, and indeed Leverkusen. What a shame for poor wee 'Arry. Moved to a club where he thought he was guaranteed to win honours, and instead he's staring down the barrel of a trophy-less season. Glorious.
  4. I think after yet another clanger by Sneddon, it’ll be back to the rubbish keeper merry-go-round for this one. Looking forward to David Mitchell having a few good games followed by a catastrophe of his own in about 3 weeks time. And yeah, O’Reilly really needs to be given a chance soon, as we’re chucking in goals at an alarming rate. Ideally he’ll replace Muirhead but I’m not convinced Doolan will bench his pal.
  5. Sneddon doesn’t look great for any of the goals, but I’d probably only really blame him for the second, which is just weak, pathetic goalkeeping. Teams have learned that if you just stand someone next to him at set pieces he’ll get stuck behind them and end up flapping at the ball, resulting in easy finishes. The first Caley is hilarious, we have about 5 players at RB and nobody on the whole left side of the field. An absolute clusterfuck. The third as well, nobody within about a mile of Shaw and he’s left with a tap in. Sneddon should probably cover his near post better, but the defensive shape and marking is tragic. I’d agree that was never a red card.
  6. My vote for best goal comes from one of our most useless signings of the century. This view from Camallain is arguably better than the official club video which doesn’t keep up with the shot. Pretty much the definition of a worldie. Unreal.
  7. Between these two clubs, you are definitely not the unlikeable ones.
  8. They'll still win the league, but it's always pleasing to see the overpriced Tangerine mercenary mob put to the sword. Great goal to win it as well.
  9. Sounds like more of an unauthorised medication type of situation than actually a “PED” by the definition of the term. Possibly more importantly this suspension will also void guarantees in his contract and means the Raiders can release him without paying him the $11.25m bonus he otherwise would have been due. So at least something has worked out well with this terrible signing.
  10. Britton was a great player for us, but Brian Graham actually has a far better goalscoring record (he’s scored more in a shorter period of time, and has a superior goals per game ratio), so it’s not that wild a shout imo.
  11. Have to admit I didn't even think about Roberts (I did consider the other three). Agreed that he's probably the most important player we've had this century. Without him there's no chance that rabble of losers get promoted, nor would we have beaten Inverness in the Scottish Cup either - and with the combination of those two things not happening, f**k knows where the club would be right now.
  12. Cerny O'Donnell - Paterson - Lindsay - Archibald Lawless - Erskine - Bannigan - Higginbotham Graham - Doolan My team feels very biased towards the promotion & top flight run of 12/13 to 17/18, with only Shaggy, Archie and Graham not featuring for us in that timeframe. I did love the 01/02 promotion team, but that felt more of a group of guys who came in on a short term basis and did a great job for a couple of years, in contrast to the prolonged success of the latter Premiership team. I wouldn't normally have gone with a 4-4-2, but no way I was leaving out Graham or Doolan. Graham the rare exception on the list here in that he never played for us in the top flight. I've also probably missed someone incredibly obvious...
  13. Of course they would. If you don’t think the OF have more chance of losing to Hearts, Aberdeen or whoever in a one-off playoff SF/final than they do over a full 38 game league season, I’m not sure how else I can help you.
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