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  1. Sadly, I think Arbroath will run out of games, despite getting players back, and will go down automatically. I think the 9th placed team will come from either Dunfermline or ICT. Dunfermline are on a poor run with injuries affecting them and they need to start getting results soon. ICT seem to struggle to score goals and that could cost them. I think us and Queens Park will start to pull away from those two. Irrespective, I think either the Pars or ICT will have too much in the playoffs for whoever from League One.
  2. I think it took him a wee while to get up to the speed of the game, but that tackle on the edge of the box was a match winner.
  3. I'm not one of those folk who's going to knock your style of play. That's what suits the players you have. However, it can be vulnerable to a good press as our first two goals showed. In the second half we improved our shape and you played in front of us a lot without troubling the keeper too much. I'd have been more concerned you'd been hitting the bye-line more.
  4. I thought that was a decent performance from us. Great hat trick from Dowds, McGinty was excellent and the general shape when Airdrie had the ball was good and made it hard to play through us. What l didn't like was how narrow the full backs defended. That's clearly coached, but I prefer to see them wider, particularly if the opposition are going to hug the line Tomlinson made a mistake for the first goal but hopefully he'll learn from that as he offers a lot going forward. I didn't think it was a free kick for Airdrie's second but we managed the last few minutes really well. Clearly Brown is having an impact as before we'd tend to sit back.
  5. On first viewing I thought Goldson's was a yellow but having seen it again, it's definitely a red. Silva's second was worse than his booking so should definitely have been a second yellow. Hilarious that Brown gets a booking for protesting it.
  6. I've been pleasantly surprised by how quickly Brown and Whittaker have made a difference. Might be one win and two defeats but this team is way better than it was under Bullen. Great to see the faith in the young lads, too.
  7. Don't agree with that view. Even when you had plenty of possession you were creating very little. Two shots on target the entire game.
  8. I thought the shape out of possession was much better. Even when Queens were on top they struggled to break us down. Lots of folk complaining about Reading and McAllister not going out to the man, but they're clearly being told to defend narrow. I'm not a fan of it, though.
  9. You can see the value in having an assistant. Whitaker was constantly taking notes and he and Brown were constantly talking throughout the game. They said they worked well together and although that's just the first match, you can see positive signs.
  10. It was tremendous! As a part time team in the top division we were afraid of no-one. It's difficult to imagine anyone from your time watching Ayr being capable of breaking in to Ally's team of around 1969.
  11. Not read through the entire thread so apologies if it's been done, but can managers please stop taking about "this football club" and using it in every sentence. "This club" is fine. We know you're talking about football. It's crept in over the last few years and does my head in.
  12. Is there something you're doing in training that's contributing to the injuries? Or maybe more likely, something you're not doing in terms of injury prevention? I know you've got a part-time squad but maybe they should have a strength and conditioning program to do at home? Your situation seems so bad there's surely more to it than bad luck or coincidence. Best of luck going forward!
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