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  1. Like most Accies fans I believe the league is pretty much finished, won't catch Falkirk and barring a real collapse, surely too far ahead to be caught for 2nd. Having said that, that's no excuse for us to give up here and lay down, a win may not do much for us league wise, but might bring about a bit of optimism for the play-offs. Would also give them their first league loss, and if you're not going to win it, at least make sure to get a few good hits in.
  2. Like others have said its been a pretty nothing window. The signings made definitely haven't improved us significantly if at all. One of the main problems is still here, which of course is the coaching. I'd really like to know how much of a say Rankin had in the players coming in, because if its more than I believe it be, then he's a worse head coach than I thought. The bottom line is, where we are right now is where we'll finish, so it's all about preparing for the play-offs from here till the end of the season, that's the realistic situation imo anyway. So for Rankin it surely has to be the case of if we aren't promoted, he's out the door, as with the amount of backing he's had, it will be a big failure to not go up. The other main problem is of course Mr Strain, who tbh is getting worse with every update. I'm now in a place where I dread looking out for the clubs notifications due to the utter cringeworthy drivel he spouts throughout. Like with Rankin he needs to go, we surely can't carry on like this.
  3. Always had a bit of a soft spot for Queens, so I offer my condolences.
  4. Very disappointed and surprised this was called off, weather was certainly fine at the time and last night. Can only imagine it would be that part of the pitch the binos fan mentioned, that doesn't get any sunlight. Never been one to buy into clubs pulling "tactical call offs" definitely comes across as a bit of laziness by Stirling though. Would also like to hear a better explanation to why the covers being put down would have made the situation worse.
  5. Weather seems no too bad here, so if it stays at around 4-7 degrees like the forecast says, I'd be disappointed if tomorrows game was called off barring heavy rain. The whole social media aspect is a shambles atm, something that needs to be looked at as a priority during the summer, this can't go on. The Tait statement is the same passive aggressive nonsense that was found in the Williamson signing statement, definitely no place for it coming from a supposed professional account. I know you can't just say Loan terminated early either as fans will want to know why, but there's far better ways of going about it. But aye no really a big miss, showed some quality here and there early in the season, but that has long since tailed off and we are better without him in the team.
  6. Well it's certainly been set up for tomorrow, with the people at our club managing to piss off the Falkirk support, so might be a slightly more hostile atmosphere than there normally would have been. As for the game itself, don't agree with a lot of what i'm reading. I think this game could be even more cagey than the first. Rankin will certainly set us out not to lose, convinced of this after the last game of last season, where we really needed to win but he was happy to settle for a draw. Don't know about Falkirk, but being away surely they might start out more reserved than they would at home.
  7. Well that was brilliant today, after freezing my nuts off and getting no reward at the Kelty game, the players made up for it today. Maybe the squad has had a bit of boot up the arse from the cup games, which was needed, as I was just thinking where was this during those games. The best thing to see today was players that have been getting stick all season are starting to turn it around. Zanatta is looking like a new player, will definitely admit I wanted him gone in the summer and up until today the feeling was the same, I'll be more than happy to be proved wrong going forward. Smith is starting to show and use the ability we all know he has, and O'Hara seems to be really working at his finishing and positioning, has looked a real goal threat in the last couple of games. I'll make this point brief as I don't want to harsh any positivity from today, it's easy to be a manager when things have went as right as they did today, still a long way to go till Rankin really proves he's the right man for the job going forward. Anyway, great to be top of the league again! Let's try and make sure this position is where we can settle down in for a while.
  8. Wasn't at the game so can't really comment about the performance, just great to get the win with Falkirk dropping points. When I seen the line up before the match, was so baffled to see Zanatta and Smith start after their lacklustre sub appearances against Kelty, but seems to have worked out somewhat. Was equally if not more baffled at the subs made during the match. Biggest one as people have said, bringing Redfern on after so long out into that situation was incredibly bizarre and just weakens my faith further in Rankins tactical ability. Seems more random than if he was to pick the names out of a hat. Again great to get the win especially away, but I have to say, Rankins celebrations at full time were a bit over the top. I get that it would have been a tense finish, and a relief to secure the 3 points, but come on, that sort of scene I would expect to be kept for a more high profile game.
  9. First defeat of the season, will be interesting to see how the team responds. I'm hoping for a quick start with the players eager to make amends, but expect more of the Rankin classic, so cagey and scared to concede. Think he will revert back to the usual line up that we had before. This is all getting about concerning regarding McGlynn, as its really hard to understand why Rankin seems to have very little faith in him, as he shown to be the most clinical and instinctual finisher we have. Hope it isn't starting to knock his confidence to much.
  10. Couldn't make this in the end, very disappointing result. Knew I was right to be concerned, what is about Hartley that we just struggle so much to get a result against him. Obviously can't comment on the performance, but going by the stats, it seems we were the team more on top, but just toothless when getting towards their goal, which has been the main concern this season. The positive being that Falkirk only drew, so still right behind them, but this is just another indication that we need to do something about our attack, to try and create more clear cut chances.
  11. Was probably more confident than most about getting a win last week, but this game is a different story. Cove seem to be getting their act together, turning defeats into draws, and in recent weeks into wins. Also the wee greaseball often knows how to get a result against us. No need to change the starting line up from Montrose, think we're going to need to be clinical and McGlynn is our best chance at that.
  12. Overall a great result and job done. The first half was starting to look a bit like a continuation of last week, Montrose clearly did their homework and knew how to frustrate us. Good finishing made that a comfortable victory, but at the risk of sounding spoiled, i'd still like us to get into dangerous positions more often and move the ball quicker in the final third. Martin was fantastic again, really is one of the few that will run right to the end and keeps us ticking over. Thought McGowan was poor, lucky not to give away a penalty. Another tough away day next week, hoping for a similar result.
  13. Despite the tepid performance against Edinburgh, I'm actually confident going into this, as I think since Montrose are at home, and have been playing well, they'll open up more and try to attack, which I think will play into our hands. In terms of team changes, I think now is the time for McGlynn to start, give him a proper chance to see how he can influence the game. I'd also swap Tait for Murray, I've liked what I've seen of him in short spells, so like McGlynn, give him a chance to see if he can make a big impact. Other than those two, I dont see any need to change the midfield or defence. Mumbongo for me has shown nothing to merit a start, everything seems so clumsy, doesn't look any better than Tiehi or Ashley-Seal. Sadly Smith is too unpredictable and Zanatta is still hopeless.
  14. Yeah no problem with that, his stats on Wiki were concerning anyway. Didn't look like he'd played much first team football anywhere, so saves a wage and we're not in a situation where we need to gamble.
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