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  1. Ah well, that's the runners and riders for next year confirmed. Dual the A9 and / or the A96 now!
  2. Congratulations to Hamilton. Your form picked up towards the end of the season and whilst we stumbled into the playoffs, you certainly deserved to be there. I was concerned by your second half performance on Wednesday evening when you really seemed to lose the initiative. Today was another matter. Barring brief spells in the game, you totally bossed it this time round. John Rankin looked pretty pleased. It will be interesting to see how things work out in the Championship with him still at the helm, as he has had to put up with a lot of stick from fans over the course of the season. Anyway, enjoy your moment. I will miss my trips to NDP. Inverness is a lot further for me to get to than Hamilton. They seem a club in disarray at the moment, which if they can't get it sorted out soon makes them a welcome addition to League One for any part-time clubs with aspirations of playing at a higher level.
  3. Kicking my heels, close season until Euro 2024. Kind of not bothered whether it's Hamilton or Inverness: Hamilton is nearer me. Inverness has novelty value but expensive away day. Neither team in their current state is a worry to me as far as running away with next season's league is concerned. I am more wary of the impact of a revitalised Stenny and Dumbarton, the presence of both of which will make the league tougher than last year. Throw the battered Smokies into the mix and it should make for an interesting season ahead.
  4. Feeling left out of the management roundabout chat?
  5. I didn't manage to watch all the game because I was working. Amazed that Hamilton seemed to lose their way in the second half. I was at the Montrose game earlier in the season at NDP and couldn't believe how inept Hamilton were after they'd scored. It was no wonder their own fans were going absolutely ape about the lack of intent or attack. It was only a matter of time before the Mo got their equaliser. I know the answer will be given as "John Rankin" but it is difficult to understand how a team can put on such a "Jeckyl and Hyde" performance in the course of a match. I thought Inverness were unimpressive in the two legs against us. I also felt in the second leg that the refereeing was abysmal, which didn't help us either. I haven't really seen Inverness CT on a good day but from my knowledge of Hamilton when they aren't just dicking around, they shouldn't be any worse than ICT. For me Lawal was their only stand out player against us. The rest weren't much of a step up from League One standard based on what I saw of them.
  6. Craig Batchelor's departure announced: https://montrosefc.co.uk/2024/05/13/batchelor-departs-links-park/ All the best to him.
  7. Some good points and appreciate your input. A few more points though. Am I not right in thinking Dick Campbell left because he knew he was in a "bricks without straw" situation?, i.e. he needed more resources to have any hope of getting the job done and when he wasn't given the go ahead, he walked - this is what I was told but could be wrong. Presumably the Board thought growing the club to the extent Dick wanted to was unsustainable. SP has been accused of being over loyal to the squad he has put together but isn't this playing the long game? I believe it was an over reliance on loan players that led to our seventh place finish last season. When the talented United player Miller Thompson was recalled at the end of the year, I was worried that we would be in the same situation as before but credit to SP, this year we had a strong enough squad with only Luke Graham from Dundee as a loanee. A lot of the things you mentioned as benefits from your time in the Championship, the Mo already had in place and we are already reaping the results of that investment in the form of younger players coming through the system and getting game time with the first team. You mentioned eras and I understand what you mean by this but isn't it a feature of stable, long-term management that that there needn't be just one golden generation which enjoys success and then fades. If SP remains at the club, and is able to continue to recruit good part-time players, why can't there be a production line of players building on the improvement as players mature and eventually move on to other roles when their playing careers are over? All of which depends to a large extent on the club having a financial revenue to recruit players. We had a decent travelling support at Inverness on Saturday but we really need to build support on a week in week out basis. I know Arbroath season ticket sales really took off on their promotion to the Championship (and likely in the season preceding this). Growing the club at community level, which has been happening for years will hopefully translate into more supporters, particularly younger supporters to help ensure the club has a future. When people point to Brechin's downward spiral from the Championship, it should be remembered that the club was miles behind others in terms of community involvement. Their priorities meant they were a house of cards unfit for purpose when they surprised themselves by getting promoted. That narrative was very different from the one at Arbroath when they truly earned their place in the Championship and made a decent fist of things for several seasons. Obviously as a Mo supporter, I like to think that our best days still lie ahead of us. I wrote on here years ago, that I was glad we'd opted for Petrie rather than the Bunnet and I stand by that still, even though Dick took Arbroath to the threshold of the top tier. I hope there is still plenty of mileage left in SP's tenure at Montrose FC and that we will continue to grow and improve as a club in spite of any handicaps we face owing to our location and relatively sparsely populated "catchment" area. There will always be those within Montrose and it's hinterland heading for Celtic Park and Ibrox and to a lesser extent Pittodrie, Tannadice and Dens but if we continue to develop as we have been doing in both the men's and women's games and at youth level, I like to think that we will increase our support and attain that so far elusive prize of playing at a higher level.
  8. Had an email from a Jags (Glesga version) fan suggesting we'd dodged a bullet by not progressing in the playoffs. Really can't agree with that. I doubt you will find many Arbroath fans who regret their stint in the Championship. That said, going up as a fourth placed team would have been a struggle from the start. I don't think we were a million miles off the pace of Hamilton and we even pretty much held our own in two of our games against Falkirk. The 0-3 game was on a Tuesday night, when we fielded a team with an eye on playing QoS on the Saturday. The 1-7 game, we were like startled rabbits caught in the headlights of the Falkirk juggernaut. The Mo performance was really out of character, even allowing for Falkirk being pumped up for it. As others have said, hopefully through a process of evolution rather than revolution, SP can build us a championship worthy side, gradually bringing in new players of sufficient calibre to take the places of legends like Dillo.
  9. Seems bizarre that Alloa had another needless red card in the playoff. The one at Links Park definitely impacted the course of the match. In games where outcomes are determined by fine margins, this petulance surely needs to be nipped in the bud. Would obviously liked to have still been in the playoffs but if Hamilton do join Falkirk, then I'm hopeful that next season the league will be more winnable than this one assuming the struggling full-time teams in this league don't get their act together any time soon.
  10. Watched the goal on the Caley Thistle website. As SP said in the post match interview, it was just a momentary lapse allowed MacKay to stab the ball home from three yards out. I felt the referee did us no favours whatsoever on Saturday. I know there is no justification for Lyons lashing out but the referee failed to take action on the repeated fouling he was subjected to and that must have been a source of real frustration. I don't feel too gutted we didn't get promoted as hopefully if Hamilton join Falkirk in going up, then next season it should be a more competitive league. Will be interesting to see how the likes of Arbroath, Queen of the South and Cove respond to their disappointing seasons. If Caley Thistle do join us in League One, I reckon they might be less of a threat than the likes of Queen's Park who would have been in a stronger financial position to buy their way back up.
  11. Great day out and the Mo gave a good account of themselves as I fully expected them to. Hope they have a great break as they deserve it. Big thanks to SP and all the team and everyone behind them for giving us another solid season and good memories to look back on. We'll get promotion when the time is right. Hopefully we can build on what has already been achieved and get even better.
  12. I think one or two might but personally I am highly allergic to both brands of the the Toxic Twosome and I believe the majority of Mo fans would be like-minded on this. I am however of an age to have a soft-spot for the "New Firm" (North) and given Montrose's location I suspect that I may not be alone in favouring them over the OF any day of the week.
  13. For a game that didn't really matter, I am really pleased that the Mo turned this one round. Finished the League with a goal difference of one and a win. Irrespective of what happens in the playoffs, Stewart Petrie and the rest of the club deserve much applause for a successful season. What an era we have enjoyed since getting out of jail in that Pyramid playoff. Long may it continue! E.t.a. And our Women's team has been none too shoddy either. Wishing them success in their remaining games too.
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