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  1. That's simply not true. What I will admit is that he was very quick to move dross on. Another point to note. We definitely would not have signed Miovski, Duk and Ramadani. Ramsay wouldn't have broken through when he did (Logan has said McInnes had promised him he'd get a new deal and still have first choice). Barron would have been too small and MacKenzie would have been punted.
  2. I'm maybe misremembering, but handball used to be accidental or not.
  3. He wasn't good enough to start anymore so playing here and there off the bench probably didn't help him in the slightest. Funnily enough he could probably easily do a job off the wing under the new manager!
  4. I'm sorry but the man McInnes demanded be in the head of recruitment role is nowhere near the level of the last two we've had.
  5. The issue I have with a time limit is the panic that will come with it.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/68341688 Tough one. Taylor as unlikable as they come. But he's fighting an uppity guffie.
  7. I'd imagine we would have kept him but his fitness record in his last season made it hard.
  8. I mean, it wasn't though. Fans put up with the horrendous football when it was relatively successful. Killie have nowhere near the budget we had at the time we were playing stone age stuff.
  9. It was the manager who didn't give him a chance though.
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