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  1. This has inspired me to post my incredible Adam Webb/Madame Webb Photoshop effort on Twitter for the third time. I'll be satisfied as soon as I receive one like for it.
  2. It might just be the case that my stream was unclear and I wasn't seeing so much of Essel's off-the ball work. I can't say that I saw too much from him on the ball in the first-half and I think the game passed him by to an extent. There were a couple of occasions when MacPherson played a simple pass to him and he was very slow off the mark to make any sort of movement towards it. However, he did have a few nice moments including a lovely ball to Keltjens in the build-up to our first goal, and I thought he looked very composed in defence. I've definitely seen enough in his first couple of competitive appearances to feel hopeful about his potential. He's 18 years old, so I don't think it's at all a criticism to say that his full impact might not be an immediate one. I'm not a fan of MacPherson at all, but I think he kept things ticking over (with a few errors of judgement mixed in) and showed that he would be a good Championship player. Essel's ceiling is of course far higher. Having said all of this, I'd like to make it clear that my football opinions are never wrong. In future, I'd suggest that anyone who disagrees with me should change their opinion rather than publicly disagreeing with mine.
  3. Kimpioka and Sidibeh have both scored five competitive goals now. Kimpioka has scored five goals in 891 minutes of game time, whilst Sidibeh has scored five goals in 1022 minutes of game time. Kimpioka averages a goal every 178 minutes, Sidibeh averages a goal every 204 minutes. Kimpioka is two years younger than Sidibeh. Just some fun stats with nothing deeper intended. Both are great options. I just feel like Kimpioka would maybe benefit from having an agent like Sidibeh's.
  4. Yeah, I’ve been pretty impressed with both wing-backs. McClelland was also composed in that first half, certainly looking of a higher standard than Sanders. MacPherson the stand-out in midfield and Benji doing what Benji does. Unsure about Essel’s best position.
  5. Cameron injured then? Stevie May another notable absence from the squad…
  6. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. If I’m continuously fluctuating between extremely low blood pressure and extremely high blood pressure, it stands to reason that it frequently becomes healthy blood pressure whilst halfway through its journey to the other side. It’s just basic science really. So in short, there’s still life in the old dog yet (my initial aim is to make it to 35 years old).
  7. If it’s true that he loves a tackle, I suspect that he’ll really enjoy playing with Cocks.
  8. He has lifted that quote directly from the St Johnstone Banter page. Soon he'll be telling us that formations don't mean anything apart from where the players are standing at kick-off.
  9. Over the course of the last six months, I've been informed by GPs that I've got extremely high blood pressure and also extremely low blood pressure. You might have a point here.
  10. By all accounts, May has been looking quite promising as a slightly deeper option and I was thinking that could prove a valuable asset for us this season. Excluding Ikpeazu, our other strikers are all fairly similar in the sense that they enjoy playing off the shoulder. Don’t particularly want to lose any of them, but I’d prefer it to be Nicky Clark if I had to choose one.
  11. Although I was happy with the Ikpeazu signing, my first thought was ‘’This is the last position we need to strengthen or prioritise at this point.’’ No strikers have left the club since then, and this most recent signing comes shortly after our manager has said that we’re getting to the point where players will need to leave before we can bring others in. Obviously a fair amount of Saints fans would be dissatisfied with another striker right now, particularly one who flopped in League One last season.
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