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  1. I think we need to see this through with the group that have been heavily involved in the past couple of games. A team with 4 or 5 changes isn't the way to go. Same starting eleven again for me.
  2. So here we are. The scene of relegation in 1994 and also 2002. This will never be a Great Escape but can we right some wrongs of the past on Sunday? The obvious storyline is of course that Theo Bair scores the decisive goal but maybe it'll be Stevie May scoring his first league goal of the season? We lack quality but the players that have started the last couple of matches are largely the ones you want involved, the guys you'd want alongside you in the trenches. Can Levein be trusted to recognise that though? Next couple of days is just about letting the heart rule the head though.
  3. Think winter midweek at the moment anyway. @glenrothes 1884 saint My first trip to Fir Park was that day in 1994, packed out bottom tier, we were right in the corner. Remember on more than one occasion a shout went up that a goal had gone in elsewhere that was in our favour but each time it turned out to be false. Was too young to really appreciate or realise what relegation meant. And of course we found ourselves back there in 2002 but that was just confirmation of the long-inevitable and probably came as a relief that it was over. Think as a support we had a bit of arrogance at the time as well that the First Division would be a piece of piss. How wrong we were...
  4. Going to guess some nonsense about security. Very frustrating though on several fronts. We have to see this through with Levein now, come what may. That's something the board are going to have to live with. I don't see the point in negativity right now. That'll come whether things are resolved this Sunday or next.
  5. Right, nobody tell St Mirren that he's got a European suspension to serve.
  6. You might remember him. Played for us in the season you bottled two semi-finals. I'm fine though.
  7. It is funny how this seems to.be the widespread feeling. I think Saturday has played a big part in that. For the first time in ages it felt like we had our team back. Same starting team as the weekend for me.
  8. James Brown going up as we go down would just be the perfect end to all this.
  9. Very much a tombola selection on Saturday but it worked and can't see the need for much change, especially because you largely trust those 11 players, as opposed to some of the bench options. Neither Smith or probably Kucheriavyi should be playing another minute this season. A week for players you trust. We are where we deserve to be in the league but have said all season I like the County squad and they should be far more disappointed at being involved in this battle.
  10. Yes and no. He was identified and on a list but that doesn't mean he was highly recommended. He's what happens if after not listening to you for 3 weeks, a manager comes to you in the last week of the window and demands a big striker. Davidson was told Bair wasn't a battering ram but only cared that he was tall.
  11. On the scenes at the end, I couldn't hear what was being said (although was clearly not complimentary) but there is also a way to handle it as a player. Drey Wright and Graham Carey in particular took the right approach, you don't hide, you don't react and you can walk back to the dressing room and hopefully use it for motivation on Wednesday. The captain barking back and staring people down then storming off doesn't help him or the situation. That's not a defence of anything said to him (and I know he in particular gets it heavily) but he's not handled that situation well. But then also, a proper manager of men is across to take the heat off his players. There will be an argument that it would only have inflamed things but I don't think it makes it worse for the players and that should be his primary focus.
  12. I've felt a lot of apathy recently but the team went a way to eroding that with their performance yesterday. They came out with a purpose and, as a fan, you can feed off that. It was high stakes so the defeat stings but I can't question the performance and it's almost snapped me out of this malaise with regard to the ambivalence towards relegation. We've worked so hard to make it 15 years in the top division and shouldn't just accept it coming to an end.
  13. It's mainly the injuries for me. Can debate the merits or otherwise of his contribution but he just can't be trusted to avoid injury and he certainly isn't good enough to just overlook that when it comes to next season. Far better players than Cammy MacPherson have been let go for that reason. There are others where ability or otherwise is secondary as well. A loser mentality permeates this squad and it needs cleansed of it.
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