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  1. Physical is a positive attribute, all Saints do is give away a lot of fouls.
  2. We need to be wary of Brian irvine's threat at set pieces. Hopefully get in and about Nigel Pepper though because he's a red card waiting to happen.
  3. Is the consensus that this squad is rubbish? Probably? But is it unreasonable to suggest it's still being managed as poorly as it was under MacLean? Folk are posting evidence of it anyway. Both managers got an initial bounce but their records are now comparable over essentially half-a-season. Of course the argument will be that managers need time but they need to buy themselves it surely and 2 goals from open play from inside the area (i.e. breaking teams down) isn't doing that. Even that number is generous as the Kimpioka goal comes from a defensive error and the Keltjens one from Roos doing a Superman. There is a case we haven't scored a single goal under this management team from breaking a team down. NOT A SINGLE ONE. For me, there needs to be an improvement and very quickly or my patience is going to be fully exhausted. Actually, who am I kidding, it already is. Compare going down under Sturrock to going down under Stark. Look at the bigger picture. Levein was bored at home again so thought he may as well have a play at shop. And this is the result.
  4. There were a number of reasons that MacLean needed emptied after the 4-0 but maybe the main one was his alienating comments after games where he was lambasting the players. There was no chance he had the respect of that dressing room. But tactically he was hopeless as well. Levein hasn't delivered much more on that front - certainly since the winter break - but at least he isn't castigating the squad at every opportunity. That, and probably a reluctance to call for another sacking, is maybe all that is saving him though. Are Geoff Brown and Stan Harris really sitting there thinking that this guy is taking us in the right direction? I don't think anyone is demanding an overnight transformation but there surely has to be some sign of progress at all times? We are just getting worse rather than better though.
  5. Not sure that is true. But even if it were true, yesterday was far more indefensible. Didn't have the same injury problems and we now have a supposedly experienced manager. I agree with @tree house tam that it was one of the worst St Johnstone performances I can remember. Certainly as a whole. We were atrocious at Kilmarnock in the first half before Xmas but at least improved after the break. Yesterday was pathetic.
  6. Hold on. We spent £300,000 on transfer fees between May 2022 and May 2023? Come on, someone just spit it out who this momentual f**k up was regarding.
  7. Do we actually need a stadium? Sell the whole plot and invest the £20 million in players and just play every game away from home.
  8. Not had a chance to listen yet, was there anything new in it?
  9. This should be a routine win for a decent St Mirren side if they turn up on the day. St Johnstone might look organised and have a decent shape but that'll disintegrate if we fall behind (as happened in October) and we really do offer so little going forward. Main hopes for the day are getting parked easily and not having to stand for 90 minutes.
  10. I do agree that Geoff Brown would be desperate to get shot of Oudenarde if the opportunity arose. I've said for years that there won't be another house built there. Thankfully, I don't think there will be a football stadium either. Short of a complete asset strip then, to be honest, the intentions of any new owners don't really concern me. Everyone needs to ride a roller-coaster once.
  11. I don't mean this to appear harsh but much like David Murray destroyed his legacy at Rangers when he sold to Craig Whyte, we can only trust that Geoff Brown hasn't left a stone unturned here. That's not to say I'm reticent about the club being sold as it desperately needs to happen. The contrast with the ambition of the 35 years ago couldn't be more stark right now. One thing that will potentially be interesting is what is actually sold. Would you buy a football club without the 20-odd acre footprint it sits in? Who owns the site, Geoff Brown or the football club? It'll be interesting to see how much is divulged to us over the coming months if this is serious.
  12. Actually didn't think the Saints performance was too bad but then I'm just drawn into talking about depressing rubbish like shape and not the fact there was anything actually exciting about it. Against the Old Firm it's acceptable enough but the problem is these same *positives* are all you can ever really take from *good* Saints performances these days. This struck me in the latest minutes from the forum meeting that Levein and Kirk spoke at: "Without a structure it is like basketball - end to end then it is down to the team that makes most mistakes that loses the game. We want to take that element away and have the structure that allows players to make more passes and correct decisions rather than forcing play and having to face a counter attack." Entertainment is very low on the agenda. Andy Kirk is here to show the world what a good football coach he is. But then, I'm still trying to work out why Levein is here...
  13. All the chat about VAR again. Exactly as it was always going to be and never has the phrase about reaping what you sow been more apt for all the c***s that wanted this in our game. Of course Rangers and Celtic were going to benefit the most when instances in the box would be under the most scrutiny. The only idiots that couldn't see that were probably the ones that thought five subs was a good idea as well. Yesterday's decisions highlighted two of the many but main problems; for the first the referee completely bottles making a decision because he's happy to let his pal in the box do it then give him numerous angles. For the second we see how VAR doesn't address the issue of consistency that the morons that championed it believed it would deliver. Robinson penalised for an offence almost identical to the one Alex Cochrane wasn't penalised for a couple of weeks ago. Because it's still humans making decisions. To play on for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes then just stop the game and award a penalty as well? f**k VAR.
  14. It's a hard one to work out why there is so much animosity towards Levein so quickly, especially when you consider the situation he inherited and where we are now, which by no means is a good position but is considerably better than it was. Is it maybe because after 2 years of Davidson and MacLean, we were desperate for a freshness but instead have continued the attritional approach to matches and, even if it's marginally yielding more, it just seems like more of the same? It feels as if the whole playing side of things needs a reset. This time a couple of years ago I struggled to see how that could happen as a Premiership club but then 14 months ago Davidson had us in the top six and I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. It obviously then turned to shit again but made me think you could have this reset in the unforgiving environment of the Premiership. Despite Levein doing business in January, that belief has been eroded again. The best Saints sides I have seen have largely been built in the second tier, before moving into the top division. That's not to say I'm under any illusions about what we'd be letting ourselves in for and the off-field collateral impact but when we add in the soul-crushing abomination that is VAR, a relegation after 15 years in the top division is certainly not something I fear or would feel overly sad about.
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