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  1. The funniest thing about this is that Falkirk DID dig up a perfectly good pitch. Their grass surface was arguably up there with the best in the country, before they went to astro. Yet more short-term thinking from them IMO.
  2. Optimistic IMO - I had intergalactic domination down for 2042. Might need to check with Tony Fitzpatrick - after all, he got the top 6 and Europe bits right.
  3. Agree on both counts - it was a really entertaining match with both sides playing some good football, and the pitch invasion from W7 was pretty selfish at best. Ultimately taking my son onto the pitch and getting photos with his heroes was a great experience, but that’s not really the point.
  4. The subs in general felt odd at the time (albeit Sportscene mentioned Strain had a virus, so maybe something that affected Tanser too) - I got the need to become more adventurous, but it was square pegs in round holes, particularly with Brown and Bwumono both on the bench.
  5. Feels like this thread needs more petty nonsense. Unfortunately I can’t bring it - as much as I’m disappointed about the result, I can’t help but be happy for Killie fans. If it was Dundee…
  6. And 3-1 to Motherwell. Didn’t think reading out football scores was a challenging gig.
  7. Killie are - in the nicest way possible - a horrible side to play against. Well organised, a big b*****d up front alongside a workhorse and pace in the wide areas. Had our number every time this season, and thoroughly deserve fourth. We were far too passive, and the ponderous sideways passes were our downfall. In all likelihood we’ll get over the line thanks to Dundee’s result on Tuesday, but would be nice to get the intensity back and finish off on a high on Wednesday night.
  8. Ooh, imagine the Old Firm seethe if Killie gave us another stand… (I don’t expect we’ll fill the full stand, and wouldn’t expect an additional allocation even if we did. But then I don’t have the sense of entitlement that fans of some clubs do).
  9. @Div Might be worth moving this thread to the Championship forum. Save you a job on GTF day.
  10. Famously, VAR delays only impact one team. Poor wee lambs.
  11. Delighted for Toyosi, raw as hell but his attitude is brilliant and he’s now looking like a real game-changer for us. Aberdeen are in big trouble though. Echos of Hibs under Fenlon but without the cushion to 11th they had. The manner of today’s defeat will have County and Livi interested.
  12. Two things - I’m not sure someone scoring 19 goals for the side in 8th in the Championship is ‘not ready’ to step up, and there’s little chance he’ll be on the radar when he has two years left on his deal at QP.
  13. Taken in isolation, I’d be fine with the non-award of a penalty as I don’t believe VAR should be used to slow down footage to overrule the on-field call. In real time, it wasn’t ’clear and obvious’. That’s the problem though, there’s a precedent to review things frame-by-frame. So for handball not to be checked there is inexplicable. Ultimately we were so poor tonight that we didn’t deserve a VAR bail-out, but that shouldn’t mask another failure of the thing that all clubs pay six figures for and is detrimental to every single paying customer in the stadium.
  14. Yeah, used to pride myself on having an awareness of lower league officials (sad I know) but I’ve found myself saying ‘who’ a lot recently.
  15. So no Bolton and no Kwon means two enforced changes - assume Dunne or Taylor come in and Fraser moves back to RCB, and Baccus is a straight swap for Kwon (in a bizarre way, I imagine Celtic would’ve loved to see how he fared against the likes of McGregor and O’Reilly had it been a league game - and allowed in the rules). Wouldn’t make any other changes though - the side looks balanced right now, particularly with Mandron being on form. Would mean leaving O’Hara on the bench if he’s recovered, but CBM can’t be dropped and Baccus is a better fit alongside him. Quietly confident of a result…. So 4-0 Celtic with the game being done by the half-hour mark is a NAP. Going with Tanser for the obligatory soft red card.
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